How to Boost Your Immune System This Flu Season With Nature’s Most Powerful Antibody - Immunoglobulin G(lgG)

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If you're not going to get a flu shot this season, try what doctors have successfully used instead - Immunoglobulin G(lgG), a natural antibody found in bovine colostrum that is available at your local health food store. Bovine colostrum is cinically proven to contain the highest levels of Immunoglobulin G (IgG).

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In light of the recent flu vaccine shortage, health officials announced that there are other things people can do if they are not going to be able to get flu shots. In response, The Center for Nutritional Research (“CNR”) ( offers 2 free email guides “12 Important Tips to Avoid the Flu and Five Steps to Build a Strong Immune System."

“A NEW ITEM on the list this season is bovine colostrum, one of nature’s best kept secrets since it contains the highest levels of a natural powerful antibody known as Immunoglobulin G (lgG) – up to 20 times the amount of lgG that is found in human colostrum,” said Doug Wyatt, co-founder of the CNR. “Studies prove that Immunoglobulin G found in bovine colostrum provides passive systemic immunity against pathogens, bacteria, viruses and fungi that are responsible for causing E. coli, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, and the flu. And bovine colostrum can be found in your local health food store.”

In a recent CDC warning, health officials stated that people who are run down and overworked could increase their risk of illness. “Add the immune-suppressing effects of stress, illness, and too much “prepared” food in the diet,” said Wyatt, “and you want to be taking something that can give your immune system a natural boost as well as provide powerful protection against the flu virus, bacteria and other pathogens.”

Immunoglobulin Therapy Used by Doctors for Years. Imunoglobulins are antibodies produced by our bodies that specifically target many of the most dangerous pathogens we are likely to encounter. Immunoglobulins specifically recognize any foreign compound that enters the body. When one enters, various antibodies direct themselves to different areas of the invader and attack it, wherever it is in the body. Doctors have been successfully using immunoglobulin therapy for years in the fight against a host of viruses such as the flu, respiratory infections and Hepatitis.

The advantages to immunoglobulin-derived passive immunity are: (1) Pathogens can’t build up resistance to immunoglobulins because the body can design new antibodies faster than the pathogens can come up with new ways to defeat them and; (2) the body doesn’t even have to be exposed to the pathogen to build immunity against it.

What is the best source of Immunoglobulins for Immune Support? Clinically proven bovine colostrum. This is the first milk produced by the mother cow that is loaded with immune, growth and tissue repair factors to aid in the development of immunity in the newborn calf and it contains 40% concentration of Immunoglobulin G (lgG). Make sure that it is flash pasteurized to maintain maximum milk protein survival. Bovine colostrum is available in capsule, powder or flavored chewable tablets.

The result of a new study conducted by Dr. Monika Fleshner at the University of Colorado at Boulder, reveals that regular walking, cycling or other moderate exercise training may help compensate for some of the immune system changes observed in older people. The physically active seniors in the study had a stronger immune system response than did their sedentary peers. In fact, their immune response was similar to that observed among the younger men, reported Dr. Fleshner to Reuters Health.

Health officials are urging the public to “keep their immune systems strong” and learn about healthy alternatives to “take care of themselves” this flu season. If you’re not going to get a flu shot, try nature’s immune-support alternative, bovine colostrum, request your FREE email guides and try walking or cycling. To get your FREE guides, visit (

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