Netsys-America Launches High-Speed Internet Access Initiative For Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

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Netsys-America, LLC, the US Sales Representative for the Netsys line of networking products, announces the launch of a strategic initiative to offer cost-effective High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) Solutions directly to hotel/motel operators and to resellers serving the Hospitality Industry.

With the increasing popularity of High-Speed Internet Access and its necessity for business travelers, the Hospitality Industry has realized and accepted HSIA as a required amenity for the enjoyment and benefit of its guests. In addition, HSIA has evolved into a complimentary amenity that must be absorbed into the operating budget. Those operators charging their guests for HSIA and those without HSIA are now at a serious competitive disadvantage and are beginning to lose business. Many operators are discovering that the loss of business comes at a much higher cost than investing in the equipment required to deliver High-Speed Internet Access. Due to competitive and budgetary pressures, operators are now looking for the quickest, most cost-effective High-Speed Internet Access solution available.

“Our objective under this initiative is to assist operators in selecting a High-Speed Internet Access Solution that meets or exceeds their technical and budgetary expectations”, says Bob Thompson, Netsys-America’s Managing Director. “Another aspect of our initiative is to help the operator decide on the best installation method and to minimize ongoing support requirements. Some operators may be fully capable of performing their own installations, some may require assistance, and some may prefer to rely entirely on a third party,” Thompson explains.    

Most hotels, motels, and resorts offering free High-Speed Internet Access provide “wireless” Internet service, which is the most cost-effective HSIA solution for existing properties. Wireless Internet service requires laptop computers to have built-in wireless functionality, a wireless PCMCIA card, or an external wireless Ethernet bridge. In reality, only a small percentage of guests are equipped to utilize free wireless service and some hotels are charging up to $10 per day for rental equipment. Therefore, free High-Speed Internet Access is not always accessible to the majority of hotel guests and it is not always free. In addition, wireless Internet service is susceptible to inconsistent coverage, typically requires more support, and most government employees are prohibited from using wireless networks due to security concerns.

Netsys High-Speed Internet Access Solutions provide “wired” plug and play High-Speed Internet Access that allow guests to utilize the HSIA service without having to reconfigure their computers. Netsys offers several reliable and secure “wired” technology options including VDSL, HPNA, and standard Ethernet. Wireless access can be added in common areas to expand coverage and increase flexibility for wireless equipped guests.

Netsys VDSL and HPNA solutions utilize existing phone lines for phone and High-Speed Internet Access, thus greatly reducing the cost and time of deployment. VDSL and HPNA solutions are targeted at existing properties that do not have network cable installed to every guest room and installing network cable would be impractical and/or cost-prohibitive. The Netsys VDSL solution features symmetrical speeds up to 15Mbps at distances up to 5,000 feet and includes the NV-2400S 24-Port or NV-800S 8-Port Managed VDSL Concentrators and NV-200 VDSL CPE Modems in the guest room. The Netsys HPNA solution features symmetrical speeds up to 1Mbps at distances up to 1,600 feet and includes the NH-800SP 8-Port Managed HPNA Concentrator and NH-300SP HPNA Ethernet Adapters in the guest room. All Netsys concentrators feature selectable line speeds and layer 2 switching functionality including VLAN support for creating secure networks for every guest room. Most Netsys solutions also include one or more NS-2024S HyperConnect 24-Port Managed GigaSwitches and one NSG-2000 or NSG-4000 Concierge Plug n’ Play Internet Subscriber Servers. The NS-2024S is used to connect multiple Netsys VDSL or HPNA concentrators to the network and the Concierge Plug n’ Play Internet Subscriber Servers allow guests to connect to the HSIA without having to reconfigure their computers and can also provide guest authentication services, home page redirect, and many other features.

A standard Ethernet approach can be considered by properties under development or construction and newer properties that have network cable installed to every guest room. For properties in this category, the standard Ethernet option is the most cost-effective HSIA solution as it only requires one or more NS-2024S HyperConnect 24-Port Managed GigaSwitches and one NSG-2000 or NSG-4000 Concierge Plug n’ Play Internet Subscriber Server. The NS-2024S features VLAN support, bandwidth control on all client ports, and many additional features. Each port on the NS-2024S connects directly to the guest rooms via the network cable and the guests plug their computers directly into a network jack in the guest room.

“Our solutions provide reliable High-Speed Internet Access that really works for the guest and is practically transparent to the operator,” states Thompson. “We want to assist operators in making educated decisions on their High-Speed Internet Access Solutions and reinforce their decisions by supporting them before, during, and after the implementation process,” concludes Thompson.

For additional information on Netsys products and solutions, visit or call 1-877-638-7971.

Netsys-America, a Limited Liability Company headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, is the US Sales Representative for National Enhance Technology Corporation of Taiwan and the Netsys line of networking products. Netsys-America offers the finest quality Networking Products directly from the manufacturer to ensure the best possible value for its customers. Netsys products include VDSL, HPNA, Ethernet Extenders, Routers, Ethernet Switches, Hotspot IP Gateways, and Fiber Optic Products. All Netsys products are readily available and typically ship same day.


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