Battle Rages in Falluja

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Battle rages in the Iraqi city of Falluja, but what are the stakes? An article in the magazine News Informant explains whom they are fighting and what victory there may mean. The article also examines how quickly Iraqi troops are being trained, the limitations of U.S. intelligence on the ground, and how this effects the overall war effort.

It’s not news that U.S. forces in Iraq are now engaged in a fierce battle in the city of Falluja. But whom are they fighting? And why is it crucial to take this particular city at this time. This and other questions are answered in an article entitled, “Big Battle For Falluja Begins: Will It Be Decisive?” in the November, 2004 issue of the weekly web magazine News Informant. As the article makes clear, there are several different groups of insurgents.

“Falluja is in the heart of what is known as the ‘Sunni Triangle,’” says News Informant editor Bernard Perlstein. “Yet there are a variety of groups, including both Sunnis from the former Baath Party and followers of the radical Islamist Musab Abu Zarqawi.”

In addition to a discussion of the importance of taking Falluja, the article discusses some risks that have been raised by others, including UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Also presented is the possibility that the spread of insurgents throughout Iraq may limit the benefits of any victory there.

Finally, the article discusses how two factors continue to affect the overall U.S. effort. The first is the effort to develop Iraqi forces and the challenges involved. The second is the difficulty for the U.S. in collecting human intelligence. “Many factors are important,” says Perlstein, “but the success of the U.S. intervention will ultimately depend upon the passive and active support of the Iraqi people.”

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About News Informant:

News Informant, a publication of News Informant Inc., is a weekly electronic magazine focusing on news analysis of important domestic and global issues that are not sufficiently covered by the U.S. media. The magazine uses respected worldwide online source material to render original information and perspectives. The periodical follows the slogan, “It’s Not Just the News – It’s What’s Behind the News.”

News Informant, founded in 2003, was the brainchild of Bernard Perlstein, who believed that broadcast and electronic journalism too often focused on the excitement of immediate events, to the detriment of analysis of causes and possible solutions.

The magazine is the premier electronic source for news analysis on issues significant to U.S. residents. Making use of features that can only efficiently be provided through the Internet, the magazine, in addition to articles, provides immediate links to additional sources of information concerning the topic at hand.

About Bernard Perlstein:

Bernard Perlstein, founder and editor of News Informant, as well as regular contributor, has had a life-long interest in what is known in the social sciences as “political economy.” Mr. Perlstein established this magazine in order to provide, “the depth of coverage of the vital political, economic and social issues, in a concise format geared for the information age.” His specialties are in Politics, Economics and Foreign Relations. Mr. Perlstein majored in Government and minored in Economics at Oberlin College. He earned his BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from De Paul University.

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