The Makings of an Herbal Love Coach

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Brian Ayers took a tragedy and turned it into a successful business...then he ended up in a completely different field.

Almost everyone who is in the alternative health field has a story about what got them involved. For 33 year old Washington, DC native Brian Ayers, his story starts off much the same but then goes in a radically different direction.

Eight years ago Brian’s grandmother, Jessie Mae, fell down a flight of stairs in her home and broke her hip. Although that is a common accident for many seniors, what happened next had a profound affect on Mr. Ayers’ life.

Jessie Mae went into the hospital taking two different drugs and came out taking 22 drugs. Concerned, Brian had an herbalist friend take a look at the list of drugs. The research showed that ten of the drugs were actually being used to counteract the effects of six of the drugs. Although a few of her doctors agreed that many of the drugs were not necessary, the constant trips to the hospital for various health issues always ended with another list of prescriptions. It got to the point that she would not eat because she was taking so many pills.

“I was very upset,” recalls Brian, “because I was not in a position to help her. I knew there had to be another way to become healthy without becoming a medical drug addict.” Unfortunately, Jessie Mae never got off of the pharmaceutical drug cycle and passed a few years’ later still using prescription drugs.

This drove Brian to learn more about alternative medicine. “After researching herbs and how effective they are at helping to heal and repair the body naturally, I wanted to learn more. Once I realized that you do not have to keep using an herbal formula for years on end to become healed, I was sold!”

Being an entrepreneur by nature, Brian decided to use his internet business skills to sell herbal formulas online. Starting in February of 1999, Brian created a company and began to successfully market herbal formulas on the internet.

This is where the story makes a sharp turn...

After a while it became apparent that the company’s number one selling product was a liquid sexual energy formula called African Fly ( Although the intention was not to go into the sex field, the company focus shifted exclusively to the hot selling natural blend.

“We were getting orders in over 30 countries and people just kept ordering.” At this point Brian turned to the sexual health field to learn how African Fly, named after the formula’s 8 different herbs that grow naturally in Africa, could be the most effective at correcting sexual issues.

“We would get all types of questions from men and women about sex and we would the hunt the answers down. As much as people talk about sex, it appears most people don’t know much about it.”

With several years of sexual health knowledge under his belt, Mr. Ayers now speaks to audiences about his findings. He is now called The Herbal Love Coach because most of the information he gives is based on sexual performance instead of sexual function. “The people I talk to know what goes where. They just want to know how to make sex better.”

One of his tips is to avoid eating at least two hours before having sex. “To digest food your body uses the same amount of energy as an aerobic workout. If you are having sex on a full stomach then it is like doing two aerobic activities at the same time.”

“Testosterone triggers the sex drive in both men and women. It decreases significantly as we age. Using African Fly along with good exercising naturally stimulates testosterone and gives men and women the sexual energy they tend to lose.”

Although African Fly is a flying success, Brian still remembers what drew him into the alternative medicine field to begin with. “We are looking at new herbal formulas for arthritis and heart burn to help our seniors live free of the pharmaceutical trap. This is really just the beginning.”

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