First Canned Media Launched, Billions to go for Advercan

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Advercan Distributes First Can Top Media Lables on Soda Cans

We’ve all wiped off our can tops before, now there’s a solution with a entertaining media twist. There are over 260 billion canned beverages consumed each year in the world. After five hard worked years of preparations and expectations, it’s Guinness book of records time. The team at ADVERCAN has just launched the world’s first Can Top Media Campaign. The company markets a special can top cover placed over the tops of soda, power drinks, and beer cans to protect the consumer from germ spreads, terror threats, and contaminants.

The added benefit is that a printed message is atop and under the label, making for a myriad of available can top marketing strategies for this unique new media. As they passed these labeled coke cans out at the first event, the Fort Lauderdale international boat show, they assisted Fountain Power Boats (, Boating Magazine, Rob Report and Mercury engines in promotions with this sweet tasting media tool.

This first canned media piece demonstrates a unique web site address as a tracking aid to allow for can top interests to be counted. Team Advercan believes this introduction will begin interests in contracting races, sports, events, retail distributions and licensing of their can top art copyrights. The company hopes this first place position will quickly lead it to a takeover by a top tier beverage or advertising conglomerate once the event model is proven.

“We planned to adver-can billions of cans with help from interested advertising companies including McCann Erickson World Group and Omnicom affiliates, however, it now seems apparent we must start in smaller event formats to attract the funding interests for large scale beverage plant distributions” said McClintock, founder of the ADVERTISING-CAN business model.

This new concept will benefit the world’s beverage companies in three ways: 1. Drastically increasing their market share against competing brands by offering a secure Clean Capped surface, 2. Providing more attractive food packaging to assist in sales and branding, and 3.Channeling millions in media money into their bottom line, removing the costs of their syrups or packaging.

There is endless advertising money, and this new outlet would cause a new job industry starting in the U.S. and taking the world by canned storm. With this type of newfound wealth reducing their costs, we could actually someday see twelve-pack box of soda selling for a dollar at Wal-Mart. Now that’s “Really Rolling Back” the most purchased item in the store. Think of the positive PR that could be run to draw customers to their stores! "Lowest pricing and public protection, now that’s a unique retail draw worth another quarter trillion a year,” says McClintock jokingly. Team Advercan has worked up machining feasibility studies with Cott beverage plant for Sam’s Choice in San Antonio, Texas. Of course with great hope of future implementation. “I’m sure it took Bill Gates, my Dad, Ted Turner, Mike Dell, and Richard Branson a few years to get their dreams running also” McClintock said of his business heroes.

For the film producers, auto dealers, promoters, retailers, ISPs and other direct mail users, McClintock says, “Why advertise if you can ADVERCAN at a 10th of the price” Let’s all notice that unlike the forty billion dollars spent in direct mail annually, this media has a mandatory read that may be delivered by zip code to highly targeted consumers. TNT media, or ‘Touch and Target” media labels mandate the target to touch and read the ad. Now that’s something for Ted Turner to ponder.

There are many label styles in the works by many helpful companies. This first Can Top Media label is shaped much like the seal on a small creamer cup. It is FDA approved, and will be seen as a great sanitary seal and FSI (Free Standing Insert) media. Though these labels are applied at slow speeds, there are high-speed micro thin metal/plastic options being worked on with great promise.

The company claims it will keep a “Don’t Splash your Trash’ & “Please Save Our Seas” message on the back of all the seaside labels as the founder knows boaters are sometimes careless with littering at sea. A 12-year supporter of four oceanic and wildlife charities, McClintock says any way to distribute an anti-litter reminder will help. The company hopes these type labels will be stuck to the side of the can after peeling. Perhaps collected, redeemed, stuck on someone’s collection book or bumper. ‘Slap your Cap” on the side to match a two part message prize could be a fun way for gamming, which holds a very high value for prizing & lotto type companies. Not to mention the billions in coupon distributions or the potential of the world’s largest MSN/AOL ‘Switcher Campaign."

The founder’s father and chief supporter, Mac McClintock, says, “Everyone loves this idea, all ages, races, and interest groups. So why hasn’t it been done it yet?’ That may be the question best left in the hands of the beverage and media boardrooms. However, let it be known, that team Advercan is now bound for the history books by being the very first to adorn cans with advertisement distributions. Advercan’s first trademark, “Peel To Reveal” will soon be heard around the world as consumers gets a CleanCap and a contest, prize or message awaiting them under the seal.

ADVERCAN’s Business Models are protected by many copyrights claiming 128 can top art uses and animations, 5 patents pending, 1,200 can top domain names, and over 25 Trademarks. The soda seal can be used for collectibles, couponing, data basing, events, tourism promo, sports, entertainment, color coding, born on dating, scented-tasty labeling, services, compu-chip inserts, in store impulse buying, two part messaging, fan club boosters, charity/pledge drives, public messaging/warnings, fund raisers, retail/sales, malls/markets, premiers, theme parks, trade shows, or any printed message in any country or language.

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