New Mexico's "T-Shirt King" Helps Them "Go Canadian"

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For $24.95 you get a complete disguise. A t-shirt with the Canadian flag and the saying "O Canada! (National Anthem), a patch for your luggage or backpack, a window sticker and a lapel pin. Plus - Free Report - How to Speak Canadain, Eh?! Now when someone asks you about American politics, you can say, "I'm on vacation, I don't want to talk aboot it."

Politics is an explosive issue and during these deeply divided times, not everyone is eager to enter into the political debate, especially while on vacation. Americans vacationing abroad are often confronted and challenged for their government's action, even if they want to leave the debate back home. This makes it difficult to enjoy a relaxing holiday when simple conversation can turn into a spirited and sometimes contentious discussion of U.S. policies.

"Even people traveling domestically may be asked about their political viewpoints," explains Broadbent. The Go Canadian package makes it easy to avoid the fray since no one hassles a Canadian about American politics. "All you have to say is, ‘I'm on vacation, I don't want to talk aboot it.’”

Perfect For Your Friend that wants to Move To Canada!

Disgruntled democrats and unhappy U.S. citizens are voting again -- for Canada. On the day after election results put George W. Bush in the White House for four more years, 115,015 people -- a 500% increase above the normal visitor rate -- logged on to to learn about immigration across the border to the North.

For Americans eager to "Go Canadian" as quickly as possible, T-Shirt King of Mountainair, New Mexico has the perfect solution. The company's light-hearted "Go Canadian" kit is a complete solution to a national identity crisis. "Go Canadian" includes a t-shirt with the Canadian flag and the words "O Canada," as well as a lapel pin and a patch that can be used on luggage or a backpack and there's even a window sticker to help a car "Go Canadian," too.

"Hey, before moving to Canada, maybe they’ll enjoy walking around being Canadian for awhile to try it out before moving," says Bill Broadbent of T-Shirt King with a smile. The company has rounded-out the package with an entertaining report, "How To Speak Canadian, Eh?" to help travelers sound as Canadian as they look.

"Go Canadian" for the Holidays

Affordably priced at under $25, the "Go Canadian" kit is a popular choice for holiday gift-givers on both sides of the political aisle. "Everyone knows someone who has said they want to move to Canada," said Broadbent. With the disguise kit, they can "proudly wear their re-location dreams on their sleeve," he laughs.    

One World, One T-Shirt

T-Shirt King is committed to its role as a pioneer in the world of eCommerce. "We believe that that commerce creates communication, that communication is key to understanding, and that understanding is the key to world peace," says Broadbent. Members of the global community may not agree on politics but they do agree on t-shirts…everyone loves them."

Political strategists take note! The road to world peace may start with a t-shirt.

About T-Shirt King

Established at the turn of the century (the 21st Century) in 1998, T-Shirt King's mission is to showcase unique and appealing t-shirts to an international audience. "T-Shirts are functional artwork that everyone can enjoy," says Broadbent with pride. Like other wearable art, some of the company's creations are printed and available for years, while others sell out and are never available again, becoming coveted and valuable collector’s items.

T-Shirt King's gear is produced by major designers in huge factories using automated machinery, as well as by local artists printing t-shirts on hand presses in their garage. "It's a great industry," says Broadbent, "The shirts we offer on our site were made by some of the best craftspeople in the world."

T-Shirt King has great customer service, a huge inventory of thousands of the best t-shirt designs in the world, and an enthusiastic crew that loves what they do as well as where they live. "Mountainair, New Mexico is not Silicon Valley, and we hope it shows," says Broadbent, referring to the company's humanistic and one-world approach to commerce. "T-Shirt King is not a huge corporation exploiting the assets of the Internet. We are a group of individuals realizing the American Dream. It is our hopes that we can spread this excitement and goodwill to the people of the world."

For more information about the "Go Canadian" disguise kit and to browse among thousands of intriguing items, visit

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