Hooked on Gaming, LLC. Debuts Launch of MMO Tricks Xtreme

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Hooked on Gaming, LLC. debuts launch of MMO Tricks Xtreme -- Massive multiplayer online gaming is now in its 3rd generation with titles such as World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, The Matrix Online, Guild Wars, Middle Earth Online, and Darkfall Online making headlines. Hooked on Gaming, LLC & The H.O.G. Network has announced its grand opening launch of MMO Tricks Xtreme, a website dedicated to MMOG and MMORPG gamers seeking the latest news on massive multiplayer online game secrets, strategies, guides, tips, tricks, and hints.

"Massively multiplayer online game. It's the latest thing. It'll give you a buzz. It'll make you popular. And it'll let you enter worlds you couldn't otherwise imagine. Go ahead... all your friends are doing it" says Chris Morris at CNN/Money.

"One segment that's giving the online-game industry a boost is "massively multiplayer online games." According to the Yankee study, in the United States alone, there will be 5.2 million people subscribing to these games by 2008, generating $556 million in revenue. By comparison, the approximate number of people subscribed to these games in 2003 was 2.4 million, with a revenue base of $209 million." ~ CNET News.com

"Revenue from online games will grow threefold to $1.1 billion by 2008, helping the nascent industry corner 10 percent of the global video game market, according to a new study by The Yankee Group." ~ CNET News.com

The concept is simple for gamers looking to enter a virtual world with thousands of other gamers simulataneously and have a fantasy persona. Gamers typically must purchase an online game from a retailer at the tune of $40 - $50. Thereafter, the monthly cost for subscribing to the massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) is between $10 - $15. Guild Wars will be an exception to the monthly costs and will be "free" to play.

A problem exists with the amount of time massive multiplayer games take to become acquainted with character building, crafting items, tradeskills, fighting monsters and player vs. player (PVP) combat, and exploring the world. Due to schedules with school, work, and family the amount of time necessary to achieve any progress in these games is arduous at best. Purchasing a strategy guide or book from a game retailer or bookstore is almost always outdated by the time a massive multiplayer game is released.

Have you ever wondered how players in MMOGs such as World of Warcraft and Everquest 2 achieve rapid character growth in short time? Are you frustrated with days of grinding just to see another player achieve the same end result within hours?

Trixie (trixie@mmotricks.com) is at it again, posting some incredible content for World of Warcraft and EverQuest 2. The latest edition to MMO Tricks Xtreme introduces Trixie - the first mascot to be introduced into a massive multiplayer strategy website.

MMO Tricks Xtreme is the premier provider of zero-day strategies, guides, secrets, tricks, tips, and hints for massive multiplayer online games. Our purpose is to provide the latest methods in achieving the quickest results with:

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Everquest 2 Strategies

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Middle Earth Online Strategies

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