Virtual Reality & Multimedia Authoring Tool "Quest3D" from Act-3D Integrates PolyTrans 3D Data Translation Technology from Okino Computer Graphics

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Quest3D Easily Allows Users to Transfer 3D Asset Data From all the Major 3D - Animation, CAD, DCC, VisSim and 3D Effects Software Packages via Okino's PolyTrans

Okino Computer Graphics, a leading provider of 3D data translation technologies and solutions, and Act-3D, a leading provider of real-time interactive virtual reality authoring solutions, have partnered to integrate Okino's PolyTrans 3D conversion technology directly into Act-3D's popular virtual reality product Quest3D. This is now openly available to all Act-3D customers as version 2.5 of Quest3D.

With the new integrated PolyTrans support it is now possible to use 3D assets, models, animation and scene data from a very wide range of design software packages. This includes all leading industry standard software like 3DS MAX, AutoCAD, Lightwave, Maya, Softimage, trueSpace, Openflight, Autodesk Inventor, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and many more, used by design studios, content creation, CAD and game development companies. Okino's state of the art and absolute cutting edge "mesh deformation skinning & animation pipelines" are also fully supported, allowing proper conversions of animated skinned meshes from 3DS MAX (Character Studio and SkinMod), Maya, XSI (all versions), DirectX, Lightwave (including implicit and explicit weight maps, and Lightwave 8 skinning support) and Kaydara's FBX.

Quest3D is a multimedia-authoring tool, designed for creating high performance interactive real-time 3D productions. Quest3D features a unique graphical interface. It allows designers to create advanced real-time 3D productions without the need for programming or scripting. Quest3D is used in business areas like architecture, landscape visualization, business presentation, virtual-reality training, and product visualization but also by artists and game developers.

“This is a clear winning solution by combining our two mutually complementary and technically excellent technologies into one power house of a 3D realtime authoring system,” said Robert Lansdale, president and CEO of Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. “Okino has always been focused on data translation development for the last 16 years and we place our personal assurances into our conversion software. The direct integration of PolyTrans by Act-3D into the Quest3D user interface creates an end-to-end training, VR presentation & interactive solution package for the repurposing of 3D CAD, engineering, DCC (animation/multimedia), VisSim and modeling data. This work flow allows for the efficient creation of: architectural model visualizations, enterprise corporate training material, multimedia entertainment presentations, and WEB publishing of context sensitive 3D environments. In the past creating interactive 3D content has been a laborious and expensive proposition; however, with the low entry cost of Quest3D and the availability of PolyTrans converter suites from $395 to $695, any user can now afford to create rich media streaming solutions, quickly and efficiently. Compared to companies charging $2000 to $5000 for various single CAD importers, all similar or same converters can be purchased for PolyTrans ranging from only $245 for the CAD/Pack suite to US$395 for the Granite/Pack suite. Okino's DCC/Pack option also supports all major 3D DCC animation packages and file formats."

"The wide range of different formats that are supported by PolyTrans will enlarge the number of users that can benefit from the latest virtual reality technologies as included with Quest3D,” said Edward Niewold, Sales Director of Act-3D. "Using commonly available 3D hardware, Quest3D can be used to visualize even the most complex 3D models without the need for large investments in hardware, software, support and licenses. Combining these two proven technologies was the next logical step to take. All new and current customers can benefit from this powerful addition."

About Okino's Third Party Developer & Integration Program:

Okino Computer Graphics has been the most dedicated, innovative and focused developer of 3D data translation software for the 3D computer graphics industry since the creation of our first converters in 1988. PolyTrans has since set the standards for conversion software, including the first to provide full bidirectional animation conversion, full scene conversion (geometry + all attributes, cameras, lights, materials, hierarchy), optimized & affordable CAD conversion into DCC based programs, the first to provide proper plus working bidirectional skinning/bones conversions amongst all major 3D animation packages, and many more. Our core SDKs have been shipping since 1991, are rock stable, and are expanded upon weekly. They form the basis of all Okino products and specialized plug-in systems. Third party developers can use these well documented and maintained SDKs to add their own file formats into PolyTrans as well as perform the type of integration which was done with Quest3D. For more information about the core SDKs please visit this page

About Okino Computer Graphics:

Founded in 1991 (Toronto, Canada), with development starting in 1988, Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. is an industry leader in the development and deployment of 3D data re-purposing software that allows professional 3D software users to intelligently and accurately convert/view/render/modify 3D data and assets between most major CAD, DCC and VisSim software packages. Okino software is used the world over by all major Fortune 1000 companies, production studios, and 3D content creation, game development, CAD, engineering and product design companies. For more information about Okino, please visit

About Act-3D:

Act-3D B.V. develops Quest3D and related products. Based in Leiden, The Netherlands, Act-3D was founded in July 2000 and is becoming one of the leading names in real-time virtual-reality application development. Large and small companies, universities, government and defense use its software all over the world. For more information about Act-3D., please visit and

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