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One Minute Millionaire Authors Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hansen Announce a New Home Study program to create one million millionaires over the next decade.

Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, best selling authors of the best selling book The One Minute Millionaire are excited to announce their new companion One Minute Millionaire home study program.

This new home study course is their latest effort at putting more velocity behind their alluring promise – a promise that captures the imagination of every red blooded American - to create one million millionaires over the next decade. Remarkably, it seems it may be working.

Their book, The One Minute Millionaire: the Enlightened Way to Wealth has spent months on best-seller lists from The New York Times to the Wall Street Journal to Publishers Weekly. The book answers the intriguing question, "What would you do if you absolutely had to make $1 million in the next 90 days?" It includes practical tips, lists and exercises designed to inspire as well as the fictional tale of Michelle, a single, down-and-out mother who must earn $1 million in 90 days to regain custody of her children.

And now their new One Minute Millionaire home study course is designed to go beyond what’s contained in the book and give even more hand holding and detailed instruction that students can use to make money and begin their "how to become a millionaire" journey.

Both Robert and Mark say that anyone — no matter how bad their credit, how little they have in the bank initially or how inept they believe they are with money – can become a millionaire by saving as little as $1 per day. And these two millionaires should know because they have both experienced financial difficulties in the past forcing them to work their way out of bankruptcy.

As you can imagine, with a goal to create one million millionaires this decade, Robert and Mark have created a lot of pressure for themselves. So, it’s not surprising that they are wasting no time by asking everyone within the sound of their voice, "Will you become our next enlightened millionaire?"

Some of the more skeptical types may doubt their ability to achieve such a bold and daring goal. However, detractors should beware. Don’t bet against these guys, statistics are on their side.

Research reveals that over 39,600 people become millionaires every year. There are currently over 2,200,000 millionaires in the United States—when you break it down that’s an encouraging one out of every one hundred and twenty five people that have already joined the ranks of this prestigious club.

Robert and Mark claim it’s easier than you might think. They have made a believer out of Krista Goering of Kansas. She took them up on their 90 day challenge and was glad she did. Krista said "In my first 90 days, I put $48,000 cash in my pocket. And, now I’m almost over $500,000 in net equity. After years of being involved with different businesses this is the first thing I’ve ever done that really pays off."

When pressed about how easy it really is to become a millionaire, co-author Robert Allen said, "Most people don’t have an understanding about how small daily efforts and changes can result in a lifetime of wealth. Once they get this understanding their financial picture begins to turn around very quickly. People are shocked when I show them how easy it is to achieve financial freedom on just one dollar a day!"

The two author’s promise that by using the techniques and principles outlined in their One Minute Millionaire home study course you will discover how to dream big and learn what it takes to make money and turn your dream into reality. And their course includes "road tested" methods to making $100,000 or more per year without working like a dog. Buy the book that can re-write your life story. Will they make their goal?

If history is any indication as to how successful they will be in achieving their goal — to create one million enlightened millionaires in a decade — it looks like they have an excellent chance of doing so.

After all, Robert Allen and his investing techniques have been challenged again and again, and he has always met the challenges. For example, after publishing the book Nothing Down, in which he details methods for purchasing real estate properties with little or no money down, Bob challenged the press, "Send me to any city in America, take away my wallet, give me $100 for living expenses, and, within 72 hours, I will purchase a piece of property for no money down." The LA Times accepted his challenge and sent him to San Francisco. Within 57 hours, Bob had purchased seven properties, worth $722,715, with no money down.

Mark Victor Hansen — that Chicken Soup for the Soul™ guy — has tackled his own series of challenges. He and Jack Canfield believed so much in making people feel good, that they wouldn’t give up on their book idea even after 39 publishers turned them down. Finally, one company agreed to publish the book, but only after the authors agreed to buy the first 20,000 copies. Today, more than 60 titles in the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series have sold 80 million copies, making Mark one of the country’s most sought-after speakers and trainers.

These two millionaires want to share their secrets of success with you. Are you up to the challenge? To find out if you are why not go online and find out more about their new One Minute Millionaire home study course and make sure you take their survey to find out if you have the traits and habits to make money as a millionaire.

You’ll certainly be interested in knowing that tens of thousands of people — just regular folks like you and me — have attended seminars hosted by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, also becoming members of the enlightened millionaires institute and many of these attendees are now making money as millionaires.

Like Karen Bell from Nevada who says, "…my life was never the same again… only one year after using Roberts strategies (coincidentally our twelfth wedding anniversary), we became millionaires, yes, a million dollars in equity! WOW! "Depending on what time frame you measure from, that's either 'incredibly fast' or 'miraculously fast'! Six months from picking up your book, four-plus months from becoming protégés, two months and nine days after quitting my job!"

To find out more about how to make money with the One Minute Millionaire Challenge, please visit

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