I AM “The Creator’s Manual for Your Body”

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I would like to introduce myself, I am a book and my name is Â?The CreatorÂ?s Manual for Your BodyÂ?. I will show anyone who gets to know me how amazing their life really can be. I will show anyone who cares to become acquainted with me how simple health and wellness really are. And by the time people know everything about me, they will be naturally left being healthy and well.

When I grow up, I am going to be a New York Times Best seller. I am very excited for that day to come. Why do I think I will be a NYT best seller you ask? Because of what I have already done for the people who have gotten to know me. Especially the people who know every word written inside me.

Here is what people are already saying: “This is a wonderful book that is easy to read and helps you get your health and life back on track”.

“This is a must read! This is an amazing, enlightening book for the whole mind-body-spirit. The book presents itself and the material in a clear, easy to read manner that anyone can understand.”

People love me, and I get to help them with what they want, better health which leads to a more fulfilling life. Win/win for everyone.

Let me tell you a little more about why I am here doing what I am doing. You see, there are all these other books out there. And they are really bossy, and telling everyone what to do. The other books are almost always saying something different, and yet all claiming to be right for everyone. Well you see, all the other books are forgetting one little thing. Everyone is different. And that is one of my little secrets that makes my job so easy.

I do not tell people what to do, or claim to be what is right for everyone. What I actually do is help people know for themselves what is right. I help people know what is best for them and their family. So that no matter what the future brings, they will always be able to act with confidence knowing what is best for them.

I have a bunch of little secrets like this that make my job so easy to do. Let me share another with you. It is the secret that knowing what to “do” makes no difference. We all know what to do to lose weight. But yet almost no one does it. What I actually help people do is shape their thinking, so that who they are being, is someone who naturally wants to be healthy and well. You see, who you are being is the key to life. Knowing what to do is nice, but really makes no difference. It is who you are being, and I help people be who they want to be, with out effort.

I have a sister, she is the electronic version of me that lives at http://www.TheCreatorsManual.com and she is giving herself away to anyone who reads about her in an article about me. I told her she did not have to do that, but she insisted. So I said ok.

Because I didn’t want to get shown up by her, we have a little friendly competition going, I got a bunch of my friends together and we are going to have a big party. To anyone who buys a copy of me on Thursday Nov 18th From Amazon.com, $300 worth of my most valuable friends are going to come to your house and have a party. You get them for free when you buy me, as part of the package.

My Dad, Dr. Jamie Fettig, could not be reached for comment, but if you call him at 1-800-615-7606, or email him you might be able to get more details from him about all this.


The Creator’s Manual for Your Body


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