Criminal Investigators Gain Critical Insights with PI Program -- California Investigator Cracks Cases With Courtroom-Perfected System Designed on ThoughtOffice Engine

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The logic behind the criminal mind, and more importantly, how to decipher it, has been developed and now released by, the creativity and cognitive enhancement systems used by creatives worldwide. This new system for fighting crimes and uncovering criminal motives has been in development for over 17 years by an expert Investigator and his team. From Crime Scene Investigation (as in Jerry Bruckheimer's "CSI" series) to resolving criminal activities before the crime occurs, this breakthrough new ThoughtOffice program is now available to attorneys, legal experts, crime scene investigators, police and instructors in the legal field...

Today ThoughtOffice Corporation announces the release of their brand-new Expert Investigator program, a demonstrable package of award-winning ThoughtOffice software and modules designed to help Criminal Investigators, Lawyers and Legal Instructors and others in the PI and related fields get to the bottom of any mystery, crime or legal issue.

Expert Private Investigator Nicholas Cannon and his team bring their 17 years of depth to the program, crafting a Question Bank (eXpert Topic) Module with detailed queries and explanations with a system that guides the user step-by-step through the PI process.

"I began developing this tool when I first started working the beat as an investigator" says Mr. Cannon, "But over time it became THE TOOL I used to help me stay on track in any given case. I then used it to instruct my partners and fellow investigators, and it became the formula for our leading Northern California investigation services".

ThoughtOffice's Private Investigator Plugin Module guides the user through a logical progression of questions, helping you to achieve a single-minded focus on the facts without prejudice or bias but with a healthy amount of skepticism The investigator's curiosity, tenacity and resolve as a detective will be sparked by the unanswerable questions, leading them to form an initial hypothesis for those unknowns. The queries help to ferret-out such issues as: Who would do such a thing? Why would they ever do such a thing? How could they do such a thing? The program helps you drill-down into each of these issues and clarify the answers, while finding ever smaller clues leading to a robust case.

ThoughtOffice's eXpert Investigator Program then helps the user process the information gathered through interviews, surveillance and other investigative procedures. Sifting through the findings, they will use ThoughtOffice's and Cannon's exhaustive series of questions and concepts to help delineate fact from fiction in the systematic search for evidence. Once they have verified and / or corroborated the crystallized facts, they can then prepare to form solid conclusions and testing the hypotheses.

The program will help users sharpen their critical thinking skills, inductive and deductive reasoning, analytical assessment and above all else, the ability to remain open-minded regardless of the twists and turns the investigation may unveil. Interfacing with Expert Investigator will train the user to consider every possible aspect along every stage of the investigation. Some of the more obvious queries are:

  • On what evidence have I based my conclusion?
  • Do I have enough evidence?
  • Is my evidence relevant?
  • Have I considered negative evidence - i.e. evidence which might point toward a different conclusion?
  • Is my conclusion verifiable?
  • Is this the only possible conclusion that can be drawn?
  • Would others, given the same evidence, arrive at the same conclusion?

And hundreds more probing inquiries that force the user to consider every angle, every aspect of the investigation.

The Expert Investigator package includes the NEW ThoughtOffice eXpertInvestigator Brainstorming program, a powerful 9,523,680 word associative thinking program and image library that acts as a unique sounding board and catalyst for nearly any type of brainstorming; allowing the user to tap into a deep well of creative thinking with every keystroke.

ThoughtOffice has also included their 2,000 question Expert Expander, a well-known companion piece that "expands-on" any of the Investigation Modules answers in such a way as to drill even deeper and open up more questions at the same time. This program will often completely expose weaknesses and amplify strengths of any decision the user is set to make.

Additionally, ThoughtOffice has included the Expert Negotiator and Conflict Resolution plugin module, a system designed by expert conflict management consultants that allows the user to prepare for any important conversation by walking them through numerous scenarios. With the modules packed into this system, the eXpertInvestigator Program can provide users with a powerful secret weapon in the world of detection.

"We hope to see a new breed of Private Investigators graduating over the next few years" Cannon adds. "Fueled by the pervasiveness of the popular CSI television series and others like it, schools are finding this area of study to be one of the top 3 career choices for college freshmen. We believe our tools provide a clear and definitive course, that is seasoned in real-life application. And we hope to see ever more diligent PIs, Police grads, Attorneys and other criminal experts in the future as a result".

Cannon has extensive experience in human relations, deep knowledge of human behavior and advanced scientific fact-finding skills and was recently invited to help plan a new entrance exam for future California Licensed Investigators.

The ThoughtOffice Expert Investigator program is selling at a discount over the next 45 days at a price of $197, discounted from $249 for a limited time.

The company can be reached at, you can e-mail the company from the web site or call 360-312-4312. Prices range from $49 to $499 for modules and complete systems. Reduced-price upgrades are available to legacy eXpertSystems and IdeaFisher users, and give the benefit of a deep discount on the upcoming v1.5.0 release. The current Blog for ThoughtOffice, with information and insights added daily can be found here:

About ThoughtOffice Corporation:
ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Blaine, Washington-based brainstorming software companyi focused on accelerating the growth of early-stage companies through increased revenue generation and reducing time-to-market of products and services. The company can be reached online at

Nicholas Cannon can be reached via the email link in the upper right of this PRWeb page. Please include the subject: ATTN: Nicholas Cannon, Private Eye.

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