No More Smoke And Mirrors On Wall Street: Corporate Vigilantes Are Out to Clean-Up Corporate America's Dirty Laundry

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On behalf of the American Investor, F.I.N.D. is out to seek "True Values" and "Hidden Secrets" of corporate stocks in an attempt to safeguard their financial futures.

The group is called F.I.N.D. (Fellows Investigating Notable Discrepancies), and they are packing quite a punch. They are mainly made-up of voluntary (men and women) accountants, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and other concerned citizens from across the Nation. Since privately launching the idea, Anthony P. Baratta, its founder, has draw together a large following of these independent auditors who have pledged to collectively perform their own reviews of corporate reporting.

The group will randomly pick publicly listed and traded companies. They intend to gather the 10K and 10Q reports of the past five (5) years and re-evaluate them "in reverse" thereby identifying reporting discrepancies in order to divulge the true value of each company and the stock; somewhat of a revolutionary "reverse accounting" method. Baratta explained, "It is the goal of this group to [ground] Wall Street and to hold each company to its true value, and not some expected or promised figure which companies will never meet or ever attain."

"If any company is hiding a secret, we warn them now as we will certainly find them out," claims Baratta. "Although I am not an old man, as a concerned investor I have taken the time to investigate and identify the reality of today's stock values which are not true and what many investors are seeing is a great deal of smoke and mirrors."

A majority of the supporting auditors for F.I.N.D. have caught-up with Baratta when he founded and thereafter sold a product known as the Stop Loss Bond. The Stop Loss Bond concept, which is now known as the "Investment Warranty", was sold to an international conglomerate for an undisclosed amount of money. The Investment Warranty, much like the F.I.N.D. Group, was a brainchild of Baratta's. "The Investment Warranty is, unlike an insurance product, a warranty product which mitigates risk in any stock market based investment and limits loss to a maximum of 25%", claims Baratta. "It is a product that every Investor will soon find they should not be without."

It is rumored the Investment Warranty will be released nationally by late 2004 or early 2005 and, according to Baratta, "it's going to make a substantial impact on the U.S. economy." More information on this product can be found at:

Baratta's main focus is his role as Trustee of BARI Holdings Irrevocable Trust which, in 2004, was ranked as the 21st largest private company in South Florida by South Florida CEO Magazine. BARI Holdings is involved in "triple net" real estate acquisitions for its own private portfolio.

Amongst other projects, Baratta is also the inventor of the extendable wall cord which allows for an extension cord of five, ten or fifteen feet to retract from any wall socket, yet remaining neatly packed behind the wall giving the appearance of a normal electrical socket.

Baratta is also the owner and main force behind a new international check clearing system known as "AXCESS". Stemming from AXCESS Bank, AXCESS will be the first banking system to house electronic signature cards from every World Bank allowing customers the ability to clear personal and corporate checks in seconds rather than weeks between two different countries and non-participating banks. The same will be true for non-local U.S. customers whose out-of-state checks will be able to be cleared at any U.S. bank instantly. Additionally, the AXCESS System will provide an I.D. service to individuals throughout the world as the photo and signature of any bank customer may be verified through the same system.

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