America’s Solution to the Health Care Crisis

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Everyone has been trying to solve the health care crisis. By improving on it, making it better, or doing it a little differently. Control spending, government regulations, and just about everything else has been thought of for a viable solution to the health care crisis.

Have you ever heard the expression like water to a fish? There is something that has never been thought of, until now. The actual system itself is flawed. The system of diagnosing and treating symptoms and disease. That is the Water to the fish. The method or approach to health care has been diagnosing and treating the symptoms and disease for so long, no one has ever considered something different.

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, and just about everyone else in the natural health care field has been doing the exact same thing. They have been diagnosing and treating symptoms and disease. The natural health care field has just been treating symptoms and disease with safe methods.

People have never questioned the approach of treating symptoms and disease. The application of drugs and surgery has been questioned. Even new things tried, but yet people are still trying to treat the symptoms and disease.

It has been right there in front of our face this whole time. The very idea of treating symptoms and disease is faulty and is what is causing the health care crisis.

One of the fundamental flaws that was incorrectly assumed in the beginning of the Medical Symptoms and Disease Care movement: Symptoms and disease are the thing to be treated and dealt with. And if you eliminate the symptoms and disease, you are left with health.

Nature works on a principle of thing and no thing. Darkness is the absence of light. Silence is the absence of sound. Cold in the absence of heat. This principle is everywhere in nature. But in the beginning it was falsely assumed that health is the absence of symptoms and disease. And even though most people now know the absence of symptoms and disease does not leave you with health, people still are only focused on trying to treat symptoms and disease. This is where the crisis comes from.

Health is the thing, and the absence of health is symptoms and disease. You cannot treat darkness, vacuum it out of a room, or sweep it under the rug. The only thing you can do to get rid of darkness is turn on the light. No matter how many different ways you can measure a shadow and quantify it. The shadow is nothing more than the absence of light. No matter how many ways you can measure and quantify symptoms and disease, it is still the absence of health. And until you add health, they symptoms and disease will never really go away.

Nothing in the medical symptoms and disease care model adds health back into people. Most things in the natural health care world do nothing to add health back into people. The focus must shift to increasing people’s health. And there are many simple and easy things people can do themselves to add to their level of health. This solution if applied will transform health care on all levels.

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