The First Advancement In MLM Leads Since Real-Time MLM Leads

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First major advancement in mlm leads since real-time mlm leads, mlm genealogy leads and targeted mlm leads. Identify top prospects in your mlm leads list now! is turning the Network Marketing Industry upside down, with its revolutionary method of identifying the top prospects in any MLM leads list. Their clients are breaking sales records by sponsoring leaders into their organizations faster and easier than ever before.

Millions of MLM leads are sold every month. Selling MLM leads has become a multi-million dollar business. Yet most people who purchase MLM leads get frustrated and quit because most of the people on these lists are either not looking to get involved in MLM, or are not capable of succeeding in MLM. Yet the MLM leads list industry continues to grow.

"The quality of MLM leads lists has been a major problem, and is point of major frustration for many networkers. There are Real-Time MLM Leads, Targeted MLM Leads, Local MLM Leads, Genealogy MLM Leads - the different types of MLM leads that are out there can be confusing. All these different types of leads can help you identify the people who are open to looking at an MLM business opportunity, but until we developed our process, you could not identify who was capable of success in MLM. Now you can. Our clients are building large, stable organizations at such a fast rate that we are getting calls from all over the country from people wanting to know more about what we do," says Ed Forteau, one of the Co-Founders of Optimized MLM Leads, LLC.

"The whole MLM leads industry has been focused on people who are looking, but only people who are both looking and highly capable can move a MLM business forward. When Heavy Hitters call their leads list, they focus solely on highly capable people who can be mega recruiters and trainers. And that's exactly what our clients do when they work an MLM leads list that we have optimized," Forteau adds. uses 17 different factors to identify the top prospects in any MLM leads list. The primary factors are demographic, psychographic and public records data that only recently could be accessed through the Internet. The data is merged, sorted, and ranked based on proprietary formula.

The end result is a report that isolates the best prospects from any MLM leads list, saving you time and emotional distress, because you can now focus your time on the people that have the potential to dramatically move your business forward.

Although very accurate, their process is not perfect. The process is 82% accurate at determining the quality of a MLM lead. It took 9 months to perfect the process (not including the time to develop the software program).

When you receive your MLM leads list back from they will be separated into three distinct groups: Top, Middle, and Bottom Tier. The Top Tier MLM Leads are the ones you want to focus your time on, and they constitute approximately 23% of any MLM leads list.

One of clients, who had purchased a Genealogy MLM Leads List and sent it to them to be optimized, said that they must have made a mistake. That this could not be the same list that she sent to them. The "Top Tier" leads that she had called were serious people, and that the first three calls that she had made resulted in two of the people scheduled to attend a local meeting. It was a list of over 10,000 MLM leads. Before she had her MLM leads list optimized, she had spent the previous two weeks calling a little over 500 people on her leads list, and was getting frustrated and tired because she had not set up one single appointment.

"That is not an unusual situation. When most of our clients start working Optimized MLM Leads they tell their downline leaders about us. Many of our clients have experienced quantum growth, once they work the MLM leads that we optimized," says Forteau.

To learn more about and how they can dramatically improve the results you get from your MLM Leads List, visit their website at:


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Phone: (989) 831-5910

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