Event-Responsive (and Traffic –responsive) Driving Direction Can be Your Immediate Answer to Transportation Security Issues

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Traftools has completed the test of the services for event-responsive driving directions using Traffic Information Engine (TIE) and received satisfactory results.

Traftools through http://www.routeinform.com completed the test for Event-Responsive (and Traffic-Responsive) Driving Directions for the Greater San Diego Area.

Two months ago, http://www.routeinform.com started the traffic-responsive driving direction services for the Greater San Diego Area with unique features:

  • Taking in real-time flow and accident/incident data to simulate real-time traffic conditions and driving directions that avoid major congestion locations and thus guarantee the shortest time path.
  • Optimizing travel time on all routes and therefore rarely assigns the same driving direction to drivers who have spatially proximate origins and destinations onto basically the same path, differing only in the areas surrounding their start and end points. This process tends to create high density traffic on many sections of freeway and arterials that connect major generation and attraction areas. Thereby the services help to alleviate traffic congestion.

Now, the company has completed the test of the same services for event-responsive driving directions by assuming a catastrophic event occurred in part of San Diego. Then used TIE™-Traffic Information Engine to simulate real-time traffic conditions and driving directions to test the following scenarios:

  • Close the area influenced by the event and find driving directions for normal road-users to avoid the area;
  • Find the shortest path for emergency responders to the area;
  • Maintain reasonable flow on the emergency routes (for first-aid responders) in and out of the area to special facilities such as hospital, etc so that the emergency vehicles can move with less conflict;
  • Provide driving directions for evacuation out of the disaster area that balance the travel time for all routes;
  • Reestablish mobility for the city almost in real-time;
  • Skillful to operate since it is used everyday for normal traffic-responsive driving directions. The staffs can test the event-responsive in any area at any time.

The initial result of the study indicated that the general and special services provided can serve all of the above scenarios effectively.

Presently, http://www.routeinform.com provides three effective services for both event-responsive and traffic-responsive driving directions for normal road-users in the Greater San Diego Area:

RouteInform™-traffic and event-responsive driving directions guarantee the shortest time path to destinations that avoid all major congestion spots due to accident, incident and events adversely traffic condition.

AlternaRoute™-alternate traffic and event-responsive driving directions for typical daily trips sent automatically to drivers’ mobile device with Internet access or SMS-enabled without requesting for the same driving directions everyday.

Real-Time Traffic Maps – a set of geographical information system based maps with real-time traffic information completely update every 5-15 minutes.

You can use the services by visiting http://www.routeinform.com and “Sign Up” for 60 days free trial using promotion code “SDTUI11”. Customer support is real-time at 1-877-548-5803. Privacy policy restricts all uses of your e-mail and other personal information.

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