Sells Over 40,000 Freedom Band Wristbands To Raise Money For Our Troops

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The Jensen Family is raising $25 million dollars for our troops just $1 at a time selling red freedom bands with the words "LIFE, LIBERTY AND FREEDOM" at

Kib and Lisa Jensen and their four children Stephanie age fourteen, Brady twelve, Jacob ten, and Justin who is nine wanted a family project they could do together to help others. Because of their great love for America they decided to do something to help the troops and their families. Inspired by the success and popularity of Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG bands that they have been wearing for months, they created a similar wristband that is red named Freedombands.

The red wristband is similar to the yellow LIVESTONG and has the words LIFE, LIBERTY, and FREEDOM inscribed with each word separated by stars.

“The purposes of the Freedombands are two-fold,” said Kib. “The first mission is to raise $25 million dollars from wristband sales and donations. The money raised will go to existing charities that already have great programs in place to help support the troops and their families. The charities include A Million Thanks, the Air Force Aid Society, the Army Emergency Relief, the Fisher House Foundation, the Navy & Marine Corps Aid Society, the Red Cross, and the United Service Organizations (USO). These charities provide great services to our troops, such as helping them stay in contact with loved ones, sending letters and emails, providing inexpensive places for them and their families to stay while receiving medical treatment, and providing college scholarships for children who have lost a parent in combat.”

“The second purpose of the Freedombands,” Kib continued, “is to serve as a visible symbol and reminder to our families and fellow Americans of the respect we have for those who have given their lives, been wounded in action, or continue to serve in the military, they are a daily reminder to ourselves and others, of the sacrifices being made by our troops. Wearing a Freedomband is like wearing your heart on your sleeve, a visible symbol to show that you love and support our country and our troops, and hopefully it will inspire others to feel the same.”

Freedombands, and the non-profit group, Share Our Gifts Foundation, were created one Saturday in August while Kib and his son Brady were working with a group of Boy Scouts on an Eagle project. They started talking about what they could do to help support the troops and make a difference for good. They had friends who have been involved in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Kib had served for six years in the Air National Guard. They felt it was their duty as American citizens and a family to do something to help and support those who are risking their lives in the service of our country. After they arrived home and shared with the rest of the family the idea of ‘Freedombands’, the family decided this was the perfect project for their family to help the troops and their families.

“Whether or not you agree philosophically or politically with the wars and conflicts in which America is involved shouldn’t matter,” the Jensen’s feel. “As Americans we should all be united in our love for our country and for those who defend our freedoms. All of us should also honor the sacrifices of our brave men and women who serve or have served in the military. Every one of them gives something, and some of them have given everything. Their safety should occupy our thoughts and prayers continually. Our hearts should be filled with gratitude for their brave service.”

The Jensen kids love to tell others at school and everywhere they go about what Freedombands stands for. They get real excited when they see others wearing them around town and the country. This makes all the hard work of counting and getting the Freedombands ready to mail worth it the kids agree.

“So when you notice the Freedomband on your wrist or someone else’s,” added Lisa, “pause for just a moment to realize and appreciate all the freedoms we continue to enjoy because of those who have sacrificed to keep us free. Each of us can do our small part to help and honor our troops.”

The cost for a Freedomband is only $1.00 and they can be purchased in packs of ten or more online at That August summer day, as the idea of Freedombands was born, the Jensen’s family hope was and is that every American will daily wear the red Freedomband to show their patriotism and support of our troops and their families.


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