Halo 2 – The Legend Continues

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Halo 2 is here. It debuted on November 9th, 2004 and marked the most anticipated follow-up to one of the most successful video games of all time. Microsoft packaged the original Halo with its advanced gaming platform, Xbox. For some, this Microsoft flagship game was the only one they ever play.

Video games aren't what they used to be. Two dimensional alien invaders have made way for today’s total immersion experiences with graphics that rival major motion pictures. Speaking of which, the video game industry now a commanding $22.3 billion dollar market making it larger than the entire motion picture industry. That staggering sum is due in part to rival gaming platforms with exclusive titles and the fact that a game like Halo 2 costs about $50.

To date Halo has sold over 5 million copies worldwide in its 3 years of existence. Halo 2 pre-sold over 1.5 million copies before it was even released. On its opening day, Halo 2 had generated more revenue in a single day of sales than any feature film in entertainment history.

Now that you know the hype, here’s the sweet and low down on what you’ll be facing when you pop this action-packed sci-fi bad boy into your Xbox. The first Halo left off with the Master Chief doing in the alien virus threat known as the “Flood” and forcing out the “Covenant”. Unfortunately the Pillar of Autumn and Captain Keyes were both lost in battle.

In Halo 2 you are once again playing Master Chief and your mission is to save all of humanity from the onslaught of the “Covenant”. This time around you will be fitting the aggressors on your homeland… the aliens have invaded earth.

With a game like this there is a lot of trash talking and bragging to state who is the best, well that is all about to change with Halo 2. You see, Halo 2 players can now keep track of their stats online, in real time via the Bungie website. (For those who don’t know, Halo 2 is made by the guys and gals at Bungie). So just like in baseball, all of your high points and errors will be recorded for all to see. Maybe you’ll want to break out the old Atari console after all.

Halo 2 now takes advantage of Xbox Live, Xbox’s online gaming service. If for nothing else, this is what Halo gamers have been waiting for. Now you can challenge friends and strangers from the four corners of the world to an alien throw down match.

Lightsabres are cool. Everybody wants one and in Halo 2 you get one, except it’s called a “Covenant Energy Sword”. Nevertheless, when the chips are down and you’re out of ammo you’ll be more than happy to have this baby at your side.

Just when you thought it was safe to sit back and enjoy chopping up aliens, Halo 2 throws you for a very unexpected loop. After before cut-scene that sets up what happens next, you become an alien invader who must hunt down a heretic in a subplot of the main action. After that, for the remainder of the game you get to switch back and forth from being Master Chief and saving the world to an alien invader pent on human annihilation.

Okay so, what have you done for me lately? Yeesh, we can’t even get a full 60 seconds into the Halo 2 time continuum without someone shouting, “But, what about Xbox 2 and Halo 3?” Well, that is still awhile from now. Halo 2 has landed in will dominate for a bit, perhaps not as long as the original as Xbox 2 is bound to be released sooner than 3 years from now ushering in a whole new architecture to build super cool games on.

Okay, no official word has been given about making the Halo videogame franchise into a major motion picture franchise, but it WILL happen. This is the most successful title in the most successful form of entertainment in the world, not making into a film is like not making another sequel. The word is it, it most likely will be hitting the big screen sometime in 2007.

In Halo 2, the Foundation is an enclosed concrete bunker in Chicago, it’s a desirable centerpiece you can’t readily get access to, which begs the question what is the secret to getting into this very cool place? It seems all you have to do is fully complete the game, no matter the difficultly level and you’ll have access to this amazing area stocked with a myriad of different levels and walkways where you can snipe on your enemy. Happy alien hunting and have fun saving the planet!

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