Cool New Products for Recovery After Plastic Surgery

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This is our first press release and informs the general public about an alternative and kinder way to heal following facial plastic surgery procedures. For years doctors have been recommending that patients hold bags of frozen peas. Now there is a new wearable product that allows the patient complete mobility and use of their hands.

Plastic surgery is on a huge upswing following the new “makeover” TV shows. Now, following a debut at the Cosmetic Enhancement Expo Nov. 5-7 in Los Angeles, the Goldy™ product line is available to help recovery from such surgery.

For years, plastic surgeons have recommended using bags of frozen peas to relieve pain and swelling following facial cosmetic surgery. But this leaves the patient in a sitting position, virtually immobile. Do you want to have a cup of tea? Read a newspaper? Or simply lie down and sleep? Just try it holding bags of peas!

Two years ago, following her own facial surgery, inventor Andrea Ladmer, of El Cajon, CA knew there had to be a better way. Tired of holding bags of peas, Ladmer searched the Web for a solution that was not hand-held. Finding none, she invented her own.

Her first effort involved a turban with ear-flaps, into which she tried to stuff the bags of peas under the ear-flaps. The bags were too big. But the light bulb went on and she devised The Goldy™ (patent pending) products .

Now Ladmer has her own company, Innovative Health Products and offers hands-free thermal therapy products including an ice cap, ice mask and a combo, as well as a full face occlusion mask dressing. The cap, mask and combo are made of soft, stretchable polyester and have inner pouches for pre-cooled gel packs that are “soft and cushiony”. The packs stay cold for up to 45 minutes and each product comes with dual packs, so the patient can wear one while the other is in the freezer.

The ice cap covers the ear, head, face and neck. Long scarves help patients to customize the cap to their own face and tie it in the back. The patient thus has the welcome relief of cold therapy while remaining completely mobile.

The ice mask is a band fitting across the forehead, eyes and nose. Eyeholes permit vision and an opening at the top accommodates a gel pack. This mask can also be used to relieve migraine headaches or sinus infections, or just to provide spa-like relaxation.

The Goldy™ combo embodies a combination of the ice cap and ice mask.

IHP also distributes a full-face dressing, which is a bilaminate hydrogel mask designed to bring relief following laser peels and resurfacing procedures. The dressing is bacteriostatic and fungistatic and not only has a cooling effect but absorbs wound exudates.

Ladmer’s own surgeon reports, “These products clearly help reduce the bruising, swelling and post-operative discomfort.” A patient in Boca Raton, FL says succinctly, “It’s better than morphine!”

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