The Solution that Could Save Homeowners Thousands of Dollars in Replacing Their Septic Systems!

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Defend your family, home and environment from a failed septic system.

Most homeowners don't realize the problems that they could face when or if their septic system fails - contaminated groundwater, a ruined water well, soil and the replacement of their septic system!

The price tag on all of this damage? Up to $20,000 or more depending on the extent of the damage! That is a heavy price to pay - especially since the problem could have been avoided in the first place.

Most states require that the owner of a septic system must have their system pumped out by a certified waste hauler every 2-3 years. The perception is that this is enough to prevent failure. But this perception in wrong! Pumping out a septic tank is basic maintenance that does need to be performed. However, pumping out a septic tank only gets rid of the solids that have settled in the tank. Micro fibers and some lint are small enough such that they stay afloat within the liquid that continuously flows out into the drain field, where they proceed to clog the soil over time. It isn’t the septic tank that fails, it is the soil in the drain field that fails. It gets so clogged up with micro fibers and lint that it is unable to let liquids pass through for proper treatment.

At last, there is a simple and effective way to protect your investment - the SepticDefender™!

The SepticDefender™ is the superior, cost effective filter that defends septic systems from damaging non-biodegradable micro fibers and lint that are contained within laundry wastewater.

The SepticDefender™ is an in-line filter designed to connect to the drain hose on laundry washing machines. Lightweight and compact in size with a quick and easy to change filter. The filter used is specially designed to filter out harmful lint and micro fibers. In addition, the design of the SepticDefender™ helps it to avoid overflow, backup, or spray caused by a clogged filter. It mounts easily for use with a wall drain or draining into a laundry tub.

Defend your family, home and environment from a failed septic system by using the SepticDefender™.

For more information, please go to the SepticDefender website or call (952) 443-1848.

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