Dental Practice Marketing: Pay for Performance Print Advertising Takes over Dental Practice Marketing

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Traditional print advertising may eventually be supplanted by an innovative, pay-for-performance dental practice marketing program. A recent development in the dental practice marketing arena, it may revolutionize not only the dental industry, but may lead to similar programs in other service industries. The dental practice marketing program, while specifically designed to generate dental clients, could easily change the way every service business generates new clients. ND Communications specializes in dental practice marketing and nothing but dental practice marketing.

"The concept of pay-for-performance marketing has finally taken hold in the dental practice marketing industry and it promises to revolutionize the way dentists market their services," says Dr. Ninh Nguyen, President of ND Communications, an economist who has developed a unique pay-for-performance, dental practice marketing program specifically for dental practitioners.

"Unlike traditional advertising mediums like the Yellow Pages which are based on space and circulation, our pay-for-performance, direct-response/direct-mail dental practice marketing program is based on performance," Nguyen says. "Our clients only pay us when they see results and the cost of our consulting services is half what most dentists pay for a full blown consulting or coaching program."

According to Nguyen, also an economics professor at San Jose State University, "making the telephone ring is only a part of the equation. We recognized early on that the key to success lies in killer salesmanship without having to employ hard sell tactics. The individuals answering the phones have to know how to convert a call into an office visit, if they don’t then all that money dumped into marketing has been for nothing; this is one of the essential differences between our pay-for-performance dental practice marketing program and traditional passive advertising mediums," he said.

To illustrate the point Nguyen shared what he terms the "typical experience" when he introduces a program to a new client. On this occasion the program generated 117 calls and when Dr. Nguyen’s call report was compared with the office’s appointment schedule only 13 of them had been converted to office visits. "Needless to say, our client was dumbfounded. Now that his office staff has been trained, coach, and dragged through an extensive salesmanship conference call, they have been averaging 46 new clients every month," he said.

Currently Dr. Nguyen is offering his company’s consultancy services to a limited number of practitioners. "We are limiting our client base to 100 dentists because we do not want to dilute the program’s effectiveness," he says. "…And with 210,000 dentists nationwide, these spots will be filled fast. Those who voice an interest in the program after our roster has been filled will be wait-listed and contacted if there is any attrition."

The dental practice marketing program is an outgrowth of personal experience and a culmination of academic excellence. Dr. Nguyen’s wife, Jacqueline, is a practicing dentist in on of the most competitive areas of San Jose, California and facing an investment of over $417,326 to get her practice started, he realized that he had to do something to make sure they recouped their investment. Even before they opened her practice’s doors, her calendar was full and remains that way today.

Dr Nguyen’s background is impressive. After graduating from San Jose State University with a B.A. in Economics and later with an M.A. in Applied Economics, he worked for a number of companies in the Silicon Valley in a variety of capacities: business development, marketing and communications, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), and strategic planning. He has worked both as an employee and as a marketing consultant for such companies as Sony, Wyse Technologies, MML Investor Services, and Sanmina Corporation.

He accepted a professorship on the business faculty at the National Hispanic University and later joined the economics faculty at San Jose State University. He has an applied background in consumer choice models, applied decision sciences, sales techniques and management, economics of education, human capital models, marketing systems, financial economics, operations research/management science, and optimal portfolio strategy.

Dr. Nguyen is also the president of ND Communications, where he develops marketing and business systems for use in the dental industry. He has helped scores of dentists increase patient flow, recession-proof their practices, and increase patient retention by as much as 65%. Nguyen's marketing expertise is limited to dental practice marketing and only dental practice marketing.

Probably the most frequently asked question about Dr. Nguyen is how on earth do you pronounce his name? Well, his first name rhymes with "pin," the "h" is silent. As for his last name, it’s pronounced "new-win."

If you are a practicing dentist and wish to learn more about Dr. Nguyen’s program, you can call him toll free at (800) 737-9019, visit, or send him an email using the hyperlink in the right hand column.

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