Got Motivation?

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Each of us has a defining moment in our lives that catapulted our success and inspired us to leave our comfort zones. By identifying what initially motivated us to succeed will renew our drive to achieve even greater success in the future.

Do we truly understand the motivation behind our success? Chances are there is a defining moment in our lives when someone or something inspired us to leave our comfort zone.

For those of us who are successful today our memories are not so short that we have forgotten how we arrived at the destination called success. Wondering where I am going with Got Motivation?

Follow me on this journey, I will show you how I “Got Motivation.” It does not seem so long ago when I was in search of that elusive thing called success. I can recall one of those days when I was working hard to make ends meet and then someone or something came along and said something or wrote something profound that turned on a light inside of me. The figurative light that came on was my success catalyst, and then I came out of the darkness. To learn even more go to or contact Mr. Vann at 1-800-476-8976.

It is important for us to take a few minutes out of our busy schedules to reflect upon the person(s) or thing that inspired us to leave our comfort zones so we could rediscover the light that lead to our success.

For example, in 1996 I purchased the December issue of Success Magazine. The cover page read, “You Can Make Millions at Home, The Newest Way to Wealth.” The article that inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a motivational speaker was written by none other than motivational expert Brian Tracy, his article was titled “Flood Your Life with Ideas.”

After reading Brian Tracy’s article I left my comfort zone. What motivated me most about Mr. Tracy was the fact that he revealed at the age of 16 he dropped out of school, uninterested and unmotivated and earned money washing dishes and working in factories and construction. At the age 21 he left California drove across country, a few years later on a ship out of Halifax, Nova Scotia he went off to see the world and didn’t return to the United States for 10 years. By the time he was 30 he had visited 80 countries and spoke four languages.

Tracy goes on to state “While on a trip in Cape Town, South Africa, midway across the 1,000 mile Sahara Desert the carburetor on his Land Rover broke down, then the steering rods and clutch. He knew that if he didn’t fix his vehicle he and his companions would die because they were running out of water. Tracy called upon skill’s he’d picked up as a kid, he repaired the vehicle, and the group made it across the desert.”

Furthermore, Brian Tracy states “That’s when something locked in; I realized I was responsible for my own life. From that point on, I stopped blaming my parents, teachers, and other people. I knew nothing in my life would ever change unless I changed; I knew a person must be a proactive agent in his life rather than a reactive agent.”

The following words from Brian Tracy’s article stuck with me like glue, “You must be clear about the goals you set, flexible about the process of achieving them, and then continually learn all you can in every possible way to have success.” Suffice to say the least I still have the article and will never throw it away because it still inspires me to this day.

It is important to understand when Brian Tracy initially began his career as a professional speaker and seminar leader he went to the edge of the cliff financially. In other words Brian Tracy failed, yet the success catalyst for me was reading that he did not give up on his dream of achieving his goals and success.

Brian Tracy’s story is about how an entrepreneur who is flexible about the process of achieving his goals and dedicated to the continuous, lifelong learning can attain business success, despite a rocky, even disastrous start. By reading Brian Tracy’s article I “Got Motivation.” Thank you Mr. Brian Tracy.

Take a minute out of your busy schedule to recall the person(s) or something that inspired you to achieve success, then you will have rediscovered how you “Got Motivation,” and propel yourself to even greater success.

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