"Prosperity for God's People" Is Honored To Feature Pierre Redding, President Of A.G. Media Group

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This week, radio talk show host and CEO of Christian Traders Inc. DeWayne Reeves, will discuss AG Media's most recent developments which clearly validate the selection of AMGJ as one of the top five investment opportunities available worldwide.

Christian Traders (http://christiantraders.com), the fastest growing online Christian investment community in market history, will once again interview the President of A. G. Media Group - http://agmediagrp.com - via it's top-rated Christian talk radio program, "Prosperity for God's People".

Mr. Reeves, best known as "CT" to the international investment community, offered the following remarks - "I have never been more excited about a company or the opportunity it represents for investors. Yesterday's performance was merely a shadow of what is yet to come. Watching the stock price rise 51% on volume of over 300k shares while knowing that the core mission of the company is to fulfill the great commission, is as exciting as it is humbling. I am always humbled when God allows me to play a small role in His master plan. Our members can look forward to a return on their financial investment that will truly be staggering, but the eternal ramifications of becoming a Kingdom Builder and not just a wealth builder are far more important. As the company continues to move forward with it's business plan, I am confident that a share price of $4.00 is just around the corner. Such a statement requires a great deal of faith in both a company and its management team. The better acquainted I become with "the Team", as Mr. Redding refers to his staff in company memos, the more comfortable I become with my previous statement that an investment in this company at today's share price, is without a doubt - the opportunity of a lifetime."

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, "The Christian music and entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar market and continues to grow. Annual Christian product sales have exceeded $4 billion." A detailed analysis of both the market, and AG Media's plan to address it, can be found at http://christiantraders.com or http://agmediagrp.com.

On Wednesday's show, CT will talk with Pat Liska, CEO of Zann Well Inc. Mr. Liska has been associated with many organizations, both professional and charitable, including: Director of Minnesota Grocers Association; Director of National Grocers Association; Board of Directors Big Brothers Big Sisters; Board of Directors Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce; Advisory Board JDRF; Board of Directors Gillette Children’s Hospital; Foundation Co-Chairman; Cornerstone Fundraising; Co-Chairman of American Heartwalk; Advisory Board, Petters Group; Board of Directors, Project Achieve of Minneapolis.

ZWLL.OB uses proprietary methodologies for analysis, management, and control that have been developed over more than 20 years by Robert Simpson, a Director and former Chairman-CEO of ZannWell Inc. to identify and acquire businesses with outstanding growth potential, either through ownership of intellectual property, new ideas for conducting a business process, or ongoing business operations that require limited capital and management expertise to succeed.

CT's pet project at the moment is producing the next great Christian movie, "A Choice to Cherish". Following is an excerpt from a recent column written by CT -

"We have decided to do this as a 504 offering. A 504 is a simple way to raise $1 million dollars. We have created 1,000 units. The subscription cost for each unit is $1,000.

Simple math 1,000 X $1,000 = $1 million

You are not limited to 1 unit or 100 units. The minimum however is 1 unit. Funding a major motion picture in this manner is unheard of, but we are a peculiar people aren't we? There are several reasons we chose this approach. The primary reason was to put within reach, the unreachable. Did you ever think you would have the opportunity to make a movie? Have your name or the name of a loved one on the silver screen? Reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

I never did.

But now I do, and so do you. The investment is broken up 40-40-20. What that means to you the investor, is that you are in first position to recoup 90% of all revenue until you receive 115% of your original investment. Once that happens, you retain 40% in perpetuity (forever). The production company will receive 40% in perpetuity and the remaining 20% will cover the cost of record keeping, taxes, overhead etc...

The lifespan of a G or PG rated film ranges between 10 and 20 years. I will do some research to see if I can determine how much longer the lifespan of a Christian movie is. I know it will be longer because a few weeks ago for my birthday, I received "The Greatest Story Ever Told" on DVD. The beauty of "A Choice to Cherish" is that it will appeal to all audiences. I believe crossover is the correct term. Christians will of course want to see it, but because of the storyline, it will appeal to the unsaved as well. Sort of a "Roman's Road" in stealth mode. Because of the popularity of the novel it is based on, and the "A" list cast it will feature, I believe it is destined to become a classic.

It will take 6 weeks to prepare the film for production, 4 weeks to shoot the film, 10 weeks to edit and prepare it for delivery to distributors and theaters. During this period we will also create the artwork (posters and DVD covers), complete an original musical score CD, and book theaters.

A film usually takes 6 months or so to begin earning money. In the beginning, the cost of distribution is covered as well as recoupment. We anticipate by months 7 or 8 from the day of investment, partial (if not all) income will start coming in. Based on previous projects, investors will fully recoup within the first 12 months. As profits are continual and in perpetuity, they will continue and be distributed quarterly over the first 2 years, semi-annually for the next 5 years, and yearly thereafter.

As the production company will be in control of distribution, recoupment and profit sharing will be handled much faster than if a major distributor was in charge.

Books and records will be open to investors year round.

The production site will also be open for investors to visit or participate in as extras. You read it right, you can be IN the movie.

Investors and/or their company or favorite charity will be given screen credit and “thank you” notices.

Copies of the completed film will be given to all investors.

If an investor wants to dedicate their participation on behalf of a loved one or charity – we will acknowledge this in the credits.

There are 3 unique ways to view the financial aspect of this opportunity. The first and most obvious of course, is that you the individual can make a handsome return on your investment dollar while building "God's Kingdom".

The second way is as a gift. Imagine the look on the face of your wife, husband, mother, father, or teenager on Christmas morning when they open their gift and find out they have just become a Hollywood Movie Mogul. If you choose, you could also include an airline ticket that allows them to visit the set during production, or appear in the film as an extra. You've always said she had a face that belonged in movies right? Here's a chance to get "discovered", or just have a heck of a lot of fun and a family story to tell for generations to come.

And last but not least, the third way to look at this, is as a write-off. Do you regularly donate to your Church or have a favorite charity? Write the check to your Church or charity, with specific instructions as to how they are to handle the funds. You get a 100% tax write-off as a donation and your Church or charity reaps the harvest of the seed you have sown, in perpetuity (forever). A very interesting way to multiply that next donation isn't it?

If you choose one of the last 2 options I mentioned, you really are "Giving a gift that keeps on giving", and giving and giving and giving. (end of excerpt)

To request a subscription agreement, email movie @ christiantraders.com .

The new improved Christian Traders message board located at http://forums.christiantraders.com , continues to be the top spot on the internet for due diligence on CMKX - CMKM Diamonds Inc. The previous message board is still available for research purposes at http://christiantraders.com/forum . The move to the new software and server were necessary to accommodate the increasing traffic. Membership is free and requires a simple 30 second registration.

Current CT "Portfolio Builders" are -

A.G. Media Group Inc. - AMGJ - http://www.agmediagrp.com
AZCO Mining Inc. - AZMN - http://azco.com
Desert Health Products - DHPI - http://dhpi.com
Dale Jarrett's Racing Adventure - DJRT - http://racingadventure.com
Diamond Powersports - DPWS - http://www.diamondpowersports.com/

Members of Christian Traders now have direct access to CT's personal broker Len Combs, of Samco Financial Services Inc. Mr. Combs can be reached @ 1-800-995-9372 for questions regarding all your stock transactions, retirement and financial planning needs.

All syndication inquiries and requests to re-broadcast the show should be directed to:

CT Global Media Inc.



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