Gift Idea: Give a Gut Wrenching Laughter to all Ages from 6yrs to 100+ yrs!

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Laughter has been scientifically proven to improve emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

Bring a gut wrenching laughter to all ages From 6yrs to 100+ yrs with this talking parrot toy available at

The battery powered talking parrot is a technological marvel designed to bring a gut wrenching laughter to all ages from 6yrs to 100+yrs - Including those that hardly ever crack a smile, no matter what(!) This electronic toy parrot gift looks like a real bird with its exuberant colors and soft, smooth, velvety texture (unlike other parrots that are plastic parrots and clearly look like toys).

It can be a gift that will delight family and friends, young and old alike! While perched on your finger, it happily repeats everything you say TWICE in its own parrot accent that sounds sooo funny! This toy talking parrot contains a tape recorder and a microphone that plays back the segment of the sound made while facing the toy parrot.

This brightly colored parrot toy gift also comes with a perch for those times when you need to set him down, but he’ll keep talking ’til you switch him off! What a day brightener (and no bird cage to clean)! Nice toy gift for all to play with and enjoy. It occupies a space of 8 inches high, 7 inches wide and 4 inches deep excluding the included optional hanging swing.

Similar to a talking toy parakeet, this talking parrot speaks multiple languages - you just speak into this incredible parrot toy gift and it repeats everything you say. The folks around here are having a good time with this desk toy. There is something really amusing about saying four letter words to a toy parakeet and then listening to it play back what you said in a funny voice. Sure it’s a bit immature, but what an awesome way to blow off some steam and relieve a little stress. It also flaps its pretty multi-color wings at the same time. Wow! Just imagine how much fun this toy gift will be during holidays when you have friends and guests over - lots of laughs, lots of fun!

P.S.: This battery powered toy parrot requires two "AA" batteries and one "9V" battery to operate (Sorry, not included). For child safety, a small four way screwdriver is required to open the two secured battery compartments on the bottom of the parrot (Sorry, not included). Contains small parts so it is not recommended for children under 6 unless continuously supervised by an adult.

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