Accent Lighting - Why LEDs? - My-tronic GmbH Understands That to Keep up with the LED Lighting Evolution is a Day-to-Day Task

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Why LEDs? Because light emitting diodes consume less than 10% of the energy an incandescent lamp needs, that makes them energy efficient. Besides users can beneficiate of significant savings due to the LEDsÂ? long life span that reduces maintenance costs.

Light, as we know so far, is only a small part of the mixture of electromagnetic emissions flying through space. The electromagnetic spectrum is composed of different elements, from radio waves with wavelengths of a meter or more to x-rays with wavelengths of less than a billionth of a meter. Visible radiation is situated between radio waves and x-rays on the spectrum, displaying a distinctive combination of ray, wave, and quantum properties.

Except the scientific fascination it inflicts on people, there are many other aspects we need to consider when we talk about light. Light is a wonderful phenomenon. Light means colour and life. It is as important to existence as air and water. In fact, light is important for the last two as much as it is vital for Earth. No light, no life. As easy as that. Sure, forms of life are developing in the darkness… but what forms! There is no beauty without light and it didn’t take too long for people to understand this.

Light as a part of modern life

Mostly light is associated to positive thinking and optimistic reactions. It is believed it cures and relaxes, as well as it stimulates. A certain hunger of light leaded man to try to create his own illuminators and now, in towns, villages or generally in our houses, darkness only rules if we want to or in case of a power brake. Light as a simple illuminator is not longer enough. Coloured light is a constant presence in our lives. From Vegas to Rio, from Hong Kong to Paris, everywhere we turn, light reigns and so being it is useless to say people take it for granted. Little do they know how many forms of artificial light are there and what is behind them.

Artists and architects use illumination as a powerful instrument that enhances their work. Light has become an architectural accent simply because it shines, it demands attention, in emphasizes the spot it glows upon and it creates a certain state of mind.

Accent light takes different forms depending on where it is used. Exhibitors will highlight their products in many ways. For instance automobile manufacturers and cosmetics creators will use the beauty of a top model to influence public opinion. Other firms will design huge representations of their products thinking that something big must be noticed. No matter what approach, they all long for the same target: to be in the “spot light”.

In bars and restaurants edge lighted panels invite us to taste a new drink; some stores and malls use ground strips or spots to guide our steps to a certain department; theatres, cabarets, cinemas highlight their latest performances in bright colours; other companies push their image so far so they have to glow in the night to be seen and not forgotten. Edge lighting, railing, spot lighting, building illumination, these are only a few expressions of accent lighting. Imagine only an ice sculpture emphasized with light effects. The reflection of the light in the ice crystals is magic.

Why LEDs?

The hunger of light consumes the energy resources more and more. The most economic solution so far is LED illumination. And why LEDs? Because light emitting diodes consume less than 10 % of the energy an incandescent lamp needs, that makes them energy efficient. Besides users can beneficiate of significant savings due to the LEDs’ long life span that reduces maintenance costs. Some LEDs are tailored to work about 100,000 hours and this feature, combined with their durability and resistance to shock makes them ideal for accent lighting or emergency lighting.

LEDs produce no UV radiation, unless designed to. They produce very little heat and this makes them perfect for using near inflammable objects or UV sensitive materials. Besides, when turned on a LED lights instantly, it can be dimmed and it needs a low-voltage power supply that will increase the safety of using LEDs for all the applications.

One of the most important features for accent lighting is the small size LEDs have which allows design flexibility. This makes it very simple for architects to insert them in any light object. Besides, DC power enables LED fixtures to be adaptable to different power supplies.

And let’s not forget LEDs come in many colours and they emit pure light diminishing harsh shadow, glare and reflection. RGB LEDs allow the producing of amazing fixtures able to display brilliant light effects. My-tronic GmbH manufactures indoors and outdoors LED light sources able to create over 16 million colours and a number of light effects for which only the users’ imagination can set the limits.

As accent illuminating in all its forms takes over our lives, my-tronic understands that to keep up with the lighting evolution is a day-to-day task. That is why it is vital to offer complete systems: programmable LED light sources and the suitable controllers: DMX 512 mixing consoles and third party DMX compatible products such as light boosters and DMX-Bus repeaters, PC software and more. My-tronic also understands that every day new ideas are born, so it offers its customers the individual solutions service. This means the company will develop, manufacture and deliver exactly what the customer needs.

Because LED light systems are expensive, my-tronic offers a cost effective choice: a rental service especially for shows, party designers and exhibitions.

Mihaela Lica - for my-Tronic GmbH

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