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The Stock Market Is Hot; But Is Real Estate Hotter? Anthony P. Baratta, the 32 year old creator of the Investment Warranty, is now shaking-up the real estate market.

Just as BARI Holdings gave thanks for all its many successes, REIT RE gave them reason to say "thanks-a-lot". After seven months of deliberation, BARI Holdings has given-in to the offer to sell and liquidate their real estate holdings to REIT RE International Holdings Trust.

BARI Holdings, which is ranked by South Florida CEO Magazine as the 21st Largest Private Company in South Florida, will sell its estimated $600 Million in real estate holdings to REIT RE in a private transaction.

"The marriage was predictable and the rewards are endless," says Anthony P. Baratta, who is Trustee for both BARI and REIT RE. "BARI Holdings was reaching its capacity with an older business model, but combined with the creative, innovative and aggressive skills as developed through REIT RE, the assets of BARI Holdings will enjoy the benefits of a new and well oiled machine that will not soon become obsolete."

Next on REIT RE's list is a close look at Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (OTCBB: DJTCQ) which have been plagued with high interest rates and strong competition. Along with a new financial outlook, REIT RE creatively has what it takes to convert the high interest ridden package of properties to a market competitive "...money machine; as they should be." Outside of the traditional or conventional means of business, REIT RE sees the project fit for a private company rather than a public shell which is doing nothing more than eating away at investment portfolios.

"We rarely turn any viable property, project or business away and within a few weeks to a few months everyone has the prospect of coming out ahead," claims Baratta. As any world class company should, REIT RE takes pride in circumventing lengthy conventional processes and focuses on sculpting the transaction to its fullest potential.

REIT RE International Holdings Trust is a private real estate investment company which utilizes innovative business savvy and alternative financing techniques for which to purchase, salvage, finance, develop, redevelop and rehab real estate and other business (both public and private) throughout the United States, Europe, South America and abroad. Both trusts have stemmed from Baratta's uncanny ability to put pieces of real estate and business together like a game of monopoly or a jigsaw puzzle. Baratta says, "My faith is not in the stock market, as those are investments I cannot control, so I stick with what I know and do best – business and real estate." Baratta, 32, is also the known creator of the Investment Warranty which warrants against loss of 25% or more in any stock market based investment. The Investment Warranty was sold earlier this year to a major conglomerate who is releasing the Investment Warranty in late 2004, or early 2005. Since its announcement, the warranty product has been overwhelmingly received by the American Investor. Last heard, Baratta was fielding offers from major foreign and US based financial institutions and insurance companies who were desirous of owning the rights to the Investment Warranty product.

Although REIT RE does not discriminate, Baratta's main focus is buying packages of performing and non-performing properties from REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), corporations and individuals, as well as, delving into other business sectors which need help or are struggling. "Our creative ways of doing business allots us the opportunity to share our diversity with business and property owners who are top-heavy with potential and/or assets and short on cash," states Baratta. "We don't see real estate as "a property", nor businesses as an “entity”; what we do we see are assets or commodities with diverse and endless possibilities."

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