Systo Consulting Becomes Sole Distributor for smsRadius in the US - Strong Two-Factor Authentication Solutions for the Small to Medium Enterprise Using Mobile Phones

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Systo is pleased to announce that smsRadius two-factor authentication products are available to US customers starting immediately. smsRadius is a suite of open source-based, turn-key solutions that combine hardware, software and support into one affordable package that can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures.

Systo Technical Consulting today announced that it has been awarded a sole distributor role for the smsRadius product suite in the US. Developed in Vienna, Austria by Sans Souci GmbH, smsRadius has been generating a lot of attention in Europe in the IT world and the media alike, in part because of the unique technical approach, in part because of their affordability. Existing clients in Europe come from a wide range of sectors, including financial services and media companies. Systo has recently concluded the localization of the documentation and the software for the US markets.

What is two-tactor authentication? By requiring two independent "factors" (as opposed to a single static password) for a successful authentication with a Web site, VPN, Intranet etc., security is increased dramatically. smsRadius users combine something that they know (a secret PIN) and something that they have (a mobile phone that is registered with the smsRadius system) to get access to protected IT resources. The majority of standard security risks is eliminated without any further specific action, including for instance brute-force attacks.

smsRadius is a RADIUS server and a SMS gateway. SMS is the short messaging technology used by mobile phones. The smsRadius server can send and receive SMS via one or more GSM modems that are part of the solution. smsRadius users request a one-time password from the server by sending a SMS from their phone to the gateway. The server sends the password token back to the user in another SMS. This process is convenient and takes only seconds. The user can subsequently authenticate with the RADIUS server by using his user id, a secret PIN and the token from the SMS. Each PIN/password combination can only be used once and is only valid for a short period of time.

"Two-factor authentication systems are receiving much attention these days because of the growing number of IT security threats.", says Systo's founder Christian Donner. "AOL's recent decision to offer RSA SecurID authentication to its customers only contributed to this fact. For several reasons, smsRadius seemed interesting enough for us to enter a very competitive market. First, we think that the combination of open-source technology, pre-configured hardware and custom-installed software gives this product a cost advantage that we hope will open up new market segments of small to mid-size companies. Second, the use of mobile phone technology for password delivery is unique and could make us an interesting partner for cellular network providers. Third, we think that the security needs of companies of all sizes will only go up in the near future."

Limited smsRadius licenses are available for 5 or 25 users. Larger organizations can choose an Unlimited or Unlimited Plus license. The latter includes two GSM modems to handle more concurrent requests. Systo currently supports Cingular/AT&T Wireless GSM plans for the gateway modems. Any SMS-enabled mobile phones can be used to request and receive tokens.

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Systo Technical Consulting is a start-up that seeks to combine two very different business models - providing IT and software development services to businesses in Eastern Massachusetts and assisting European high-tech companies with marketing, sales and public relations efforts in the US. This combination generates symbiotic opportunities for all parties. Systo's European clients and partners have access to an existing customer base. Systo's local clients get interesting and innovative products. For Systo, these offerings create value that is more than the sum of the parts. Systo's founder, Christian Donner, has 20 years of professional software development and technical management experience both in Europe and the US. Information about smsRadius is available on the web at or To contact Systo about smsRadius call 1-617-610-1527 or send an email to info at

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