"The Stripper Diaries" Takes a Hard and Hilarious Look at Exotic Dancing

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In her big-screen-bound debut novel, author/screenwriter N. Kathryn Howard looks at the world of exotic dancing with a satirical but sympathetic eye.

In her big-screen-bound debut novel, author/screenwriter N. Kathryn Howard looks at the world of exotic dancing with a satirical but sympathetic eye. The author, an eclectic Californian, said she set out to write the book in hopes that she would change the stereotypes about strippers and the men who support them. Noting that a comedic but accurate look at daily life inside a strip club had never really been attempted on paper or on film before, Howard created the protagonist, Alex Parker, and described her journey from corporate malcontent to broke aspiring actress to on-stage fantasy girl and finally to dream-achieving passion seeker.

Early in the story, Alex Parker is an overworked, under-challenged and bored legal assistant who makes plenty of money but finds little satisfaction within the tiny confines of her secluded cubicle. When she meets a young actress who is temping at the law firm, Alex realizes that her lifelong drive to entertain others might have a place in the ultra-competitive Hollywood market.

Starting with a job as a costumed character in a low-budget movie, Alex painstakingly learns the ropes of making it on the big screen. Marketing oneself as an up-and-coming actress, however, takes a lot of time and money, and eventually she runs through her savings. Plan B—slinging cocktails at a strip club—leads to a surprising turn of events: The educated professional previously surrounded by conservative corporate suits decides to give stripping a try. Negotiating her way around sleazy clubs, presumptuous men, cutthroat colleagues and her own on-the-job training as a novice exotic dancer, Alex finds that dancing gives her perspectives and experiences that are ultimately integral to achieving her dreams and unleashing her own dormant passion.

While Howard’s novel is steadfastly respectful to dancers, the author by no means wrote this book with an eye to encouraging young women to take off their clothes for money. Instead, she hopes the reader will take away from her novel a sense that dreams—even far-flung dreams—are reachable, even for a character so likeably imperfect as Alex Parker.

Howard is currently working on bringing “The Stripper Diaries” to the big screen. She also plans to pursue a TV series spinoff of the novel. She is the author of the military comedy screenplay, “Combat Barbie,” and resides in Los Angeles.

“The Stripper Diaries: A Novel About Passion,” can be purchased in bookstores or by sending $24.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling) to Tenth Street Press, 2121 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 2385, El Segundo CA 90245. Credit card orders call (888) 348-1010; http://www.TheStripperDiaries.com.

“The Stripper Diaries” by N. Kathryn Howard, 224 pages, ISBN 0-9755645-4-4.


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