Has Paul Gauguin returned to discover one of his own previously unknown drawings?

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A lifetime of phenomenal chains of coincidence leads Dutch artist Peter Teekamp face to face with what may be an original masterpiece sketch by Paul Gauguin. Not seen in one hundred years and possibly worth millions, the drawing may be the original 'document' Gauguin referred to when creating his most famous classic painting; "Tahitian Women, On the Beach" 1891

Peter Teekamp is a self-taught artist and near-death experiencer living in Washington state who accidentally discovered a drawing that might be worth millions. He believes the drawing to be an original artwork by the famous 19th century post-impressionist artist Paul Gauguin. He discovered the drawing hanging on the wall of a restaurant which he visited by pure chance. Coincidentally, Teekamp happened to be writing a book about Gauguin at the time. Having studied Gauguin for many years, Teekamp knew a Gauguin when he saw one. Eventually he bought the drawing from its owner for $5,000. After further examination and an ugly court battle with its previous owner, Teekamp gathered evidence to support the claim that it is indeed an original Gauguin. Forensic experts are needed to prove the age of the drawing and examine the evidence. The concept for a documentary or reality-based follow-up is being considered. The Wildenstein Institute in Paris is the leading authority on the works of Gauguin and have been contacted for their analysis.

The paranormal aspect to this discovery is not just the remarkable coincidences surrounding the drawing's discovery; but also the multitude of remarkable coincidences Teekamp has experienced throughout his life concerning Gauguin. These coincidences (i.e., synchronicity) are so strong and compelling that one might accept the possibility that Peter Teekamp himself may be the reincarnation of Paul Gauguin. Gauguin was also a believer in reincarnation.

Many times in Teekamp's life, unusual events would reinforce his connection with Gauguin. From the simple occurance of a book falling open to a page about Gauguin, (not just once, but too many times to write off as mere coincidence), to total strangers walking up and announcing Teekamp's connection to Gauguin. It wasn't until someone actually told him that he was the reincarnation of Gauguin that Teekamp began to take any of it seriously. He began to study Gauguin's life and art in a way no one ever had. It was then that he discovered some amazing parallels between himself and Gauguin and a hidden "signature" within the artworks of Paul Gauguin which has never been revealed or discussed in the numerous biographies written on the famous French artist . Letters and manuscripts written by Gauguin himself speak about the hidden secret. The remarkable thing is that Teekamp had been doing the same thing in his own artwork years before his parallels with Gauguin were ever studied.


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