Xpress Innovations Invents New Dance Perfect for Any Romantic Event

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Â?LÂ?AffaireÂ? is simple and easy to learn, yet elegant. Most important, it makes couples look terrific on the dance floor.

Xpress Innovations (XI Dance™), an instructional dance company that teaches couples how to dance in just one day, has invented a new slow dance designed just for couples who may never have danced together before.

“L’Affaire” is the creation of Shawn Trautman, the founder and Director of Operations for Xpress Innovations. He developed the moves with help from several other XI Dance™ instructors and from Joanna, his wife and business partner. L’Affaire is a slow dance that incorporates a number of simple, basic yet graceful moves that can easily be mastered during their four-hour session called “Slow Dance for Romance” or be learned from a DVD series, “L’Affaire: Slow Dance for Romance,” that can be found online at the http://www.XiDance.com website.

“We incorporated basics from several other dances, and from that created a lead-and-follow slow dance that is very simple but very elegant at the same time,” Trautman said. “It’s much more than just swaying back and forth; it features left and right turns, underarm turns for the ladies and a series of easy to follow steps that will make any couple look great on the floor.”

L’Affaire offers more than just movement for the couples; it also offers opportunities to learn how best to enter a dance floor and how to easily and quickly create an elegant presence without having ever danced before. In addition, couples learn how to do dips and pose for the camera, which will greatly enhance any photography and/or videography at their event.

Trautman said that unlike many other dances, L’Affaire matches up very well with the songs that are most often requested at today’s wedding receptions, proms, and reunions.

“We have more than 700 songs in our wedding song database, and we’ve found that most traditional dances were difficult to do to much of today’s pop music,” Trautman said. “But L’Affaire is different – couples can be confident that they will be able to dance to just about any slow song that comes up at their event.”

Xpress Innovations’ XI Dance™ departs from traditional dance instruction in almost every way -- the lessons are inexpensive, they last only one day, and students never have to sign contracts for additional lessons. At the end of an intense but fun-filled session, XI Dance™ students are ready to confidently take to the dance floor – any dance floor.


Tampa Bay-based Xpress Innovations, Inc., home of XI Dance™, teaches people of all ages to dance in a single day. Sessions are logical, easy, effective, and lots of fun. There is a one-time fee for each student that covers the session. There are no contracts or high-pressure sales, though lessons of all types are available. To learn more, visit the web site at http://www.xidance.com.

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