Definitive Business Solutions Announces the Release of SMARTopics™

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Definitive Business Solutions, LLC announced today the release of their new enterprise-level, web-based tasking and reporting product, SMARTopicsÂ?. It is the first product to help organizations drive performance and compliance by promoting periodic and prioritized organizational communications that are Succinct, Manageable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-based.

Executives can now drive organizational performance and compliance using a new, state-of-the art system, freeing themselves of the traditional and inefficient methods. A new software product called SMARTopics™ enables executives to task personnel within their organization using a centralized system, which then provides the basis for the subsequent status reporting. SMARTopics™ enables executives to receive their communications in a prioritized manner, so that they can quickly process the most critical information first, and easily discern what actions may be required.

“Today’s regulatory scrutiny and highly competitive business environment make it imperative that senior management have the ability to stay abreast of all key organizational initiatives and issues. To meet these challenges and requirements, executives often find themselves receiving vast amounts of data of various types, in various formats, and at various frequencies making it impossible to process. As such, many organizations are rethinking how they communicate, and realizing that they must make communications more succinct and actionable so that key information and issues reach appropriate leaders to drive performance and compliance”, says John Sammarco, Managing Director and the Product Manager of SMARTopics™.

Regarding the need for the product, Sammarco added: “In my career, I have seen too many situations where executives spend their valuable time slogging their way through unstructured and non-prioritized status reports, attempting to unravel e-mail strings, needing to read through multiple versions of the same e-mail, or hunting for lost attachments. Our SMARTopics™ product brings the necessary structure and utilizes our unique 3-dimensional prioritization process to better meet the needs of executives.” Moreover, the power of SMARTopics™ is amplified by its simplicity and ease-of-use, hallmarks for all of our solutions.

John Sammarco goes on to add: “Organizations can leverage SMARTopics™ to manage tasking and reporting around any item of interest. We’re seeing companies interested in using it to drive performance associated with technology projects, management tasks, strategic objectives, business deals, sales opportunities, risks, and trouble-tickets. In addition, SMARTopics™ is an outstanding tool for managing compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.”

Product features include the ability:

  • To prioritize communications based on the urgency and importance of the topic, and the priority of the item that is relevant to the communication.
  • To keep communications secure and protected via an encrypted password system, and managing access on a “need to know” basis.
  • To centrally manage a Global Item List, User Privileges, and the organization’s reporting chain, so that communications are delivered to the intended recipient.
  • For users to manage their own “Local Item List”, for current and future topic reporting.
  • To keep communications flowing, as recipients are notified via an e-mail alert when topics have been received in their Inbox.
  • For users (recipients) to immediately discern if a topic is New!, Unchanged, or Revised from previous submissions.
  • For users (recipients) to immediately determine if a received topic is an “FYI” (Info) or a “To Do” (Action).
  • For users to electronically organize and file topics they have received or sent for future use.
  • To keep an accurate and complete audit trail of communications by retaining all information, allowing data to be archived but never deleted.
  • To generate powerful reports, to include: Topic History “Chain of Custody” Reports; Topic Aging Reports, as well as Item History Reports that display all topics written on an item.

About Definitive Business Solutions, LLC

Definitive Business Solutions (DBS) provides clients with proven and integrated solutions for strategically aligning project investments and for “optimizing project portfolios™”. In addition, DBS offers enterprise-level, web-based tasking and reporting solutions that help drive organizational performance and compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. DBS is a privately held company headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and primarily supports clients on the East Coast of the United States.

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