U.S. Special Forces Counter - Terrorism Expert Launches Global Security Solutions to Protect Companies, High-Threat Venues and Their Assets

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Thwarting terrorism takes special thinking, special planning, and special training that only a few have. William P. Adams, a 17-year veteran of the Green Berets and other US Special Forces, have that training, and he has started a risk reduction and threat analysis companyÂ?Global Security Solutions (GSS)Â?to offer his hands-on experience to people and organizations who need to protect their vital assets from natural disasters and the insidious threats of global terrorism.

GSS is the only private company that provides integrated threat reduction and crisis planning with counter-terrorism experts from U.S. Special Operation Forces.

“Most people take their safety for granted—especially if they think their current security system covers potential threats. GSS operatives have faced the terrorism all over the world, and I can assure you they couldn’t afford to take anything for granted,” Mr. Adams said. “Many managers have some knowledge of the various threats facing their entities and employees. However, most do not recognize how vulnerable their sites actually are until they can see the gaps in their security environment with a detailed assessment package, put together by tested pros who know first hand how terrorists plan, think, and act,” he offered.

GSS’ core competency is the ability to leverage unparalleled military experience to deliver customized integrated crisis plans with a counter-terrorist focus to address our homeland security needs and provide this detailed critical information to emergency management and first responders when they need it most. Mr. Adams equips his counter-terrorist experts with a proprietary, customized AutoCAD based software framework called, Total Risk Solution™. His teams use this tool to build a detailed interface that integrates fire, rescue, crime and police plans as well as satellite photos, maps, AutoCAD drawings, photos, videos, a detailed narrative, and a customized counter-terrorist plan.    

“We believe Global Security Solutions provides its clients with the best private sector counter-terrorism experts in the world. All venue risk assessments and threat analysis are done by former US Special Operation personnel, including Green Berets and Navy SEALs. All are qualified to secure even the highest threat venues and all currently have or have held Top Secret SCI clearances, and our easy-to-use software interface is simple to navigate on any Windows operating system with a standard browser,” Mr. Adams said. Mr. Adams says GSS’ highly trained professionals have performed countless security assessments for United States interests throughout the world, including numerous US embassies, international airports, international ports and harbors, stadiums, international schools, and other high threat venues abroad.

“Our people understand that the best security solutions must be applied in an ever changing business environment that facilitates the safe and unencumbered movement of people and goods,” Mr. Adams acknowledged.

According to Mr. Adams, “Virtually all public and private sector entities need updated threat assessments and a plan to manage and mitigate threat and reduce their risks. Very few disaster plans take into consideration a counter-terrorism viewpoint as well and critical infrastructures need this extra protection.”

“Is there any organization that can afford not to analyze their vulnerabilities and have a disaster plan in place to reduce their risks and minimize human and financial losses? We are experts at assessing developing anti-terrorism plans for high threat venues such as sports arenas, stadiums, tourist attractions, shopping malls, universities, owners and managers of commercial property, hotels and resorts, high rise buildings, targeted religious organizations, ports, harbors, medical facilities -- the list continues,” Mr. Adams warned.

The GSS executive says that businesses are starting to embrace the notion that it is worth investing time and money into the process, procedures and resources to protect employees, and proprietary assets.

“Today, we still have many businesses with critical infrastructures and assets that are waiting for the Department of Homeland Security or their insurers to tell them what sort of security precautions and measures they need to take. Instead, GSS is showing them the value in taking a proactive approach to security by developing and maintaining a comprehensive security and crisis program. Some of the world's largest commercial insurance carriers are looking to GSS to help them substantially reduce insurance premiums and deductibles for their clients as well,” Mr. Adams explains.

Mr. Adams wants his company to represent the pinnacle of private sector security resources. He has a history of achieving personal excellence, which should help him attain that goal. For example, the Special Forces branch senior officer has stated in writing that Mr. Adams is “the best Special Forces soldier in the US Army today.” The Secretary of the Army and the Commanding General of the Army also agreed with that statement when, in 1999, they awarded him “The Most Successful Soldier Award,” a distinction only given once a year. Mr. Adams has worked with US Ambassadors throughout the world on counter-terrorist operations. Serving in a leadership position on a Special Forces A-Team, Mr. Adams has provided comprehensive counter-terror planning and risk mitigation to US Embassies and their interests throughout the world. Mr. Adams has provided these services for venues such as US Embassy compounds, international ports and harbors. Department of Defense operated international schools, stadiums, international airports and large office complexes. He received his MBA from Webster University in 2002 in order to leverage his counter-terrorism knowledge for the public and private sector.

He says GSS is looking forward to building strategic alliances within the security and threat reduction industry. “We believe all Homeland Security companies play an essential role in protecting our nation’s economy, assets and people in order to minimize terror threat, risk and costs. Therefore, we encourage and seek out strategic alliances worldwide to provide our clients with disaster planning at the highest level possible at home or any where in the world,” Mr. Adams said.

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