Your Walkaway Income is a lot closer than you Thought

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Walking away from the J.O.B. isn't a matter of creating a $10,000 a month income. It's easier than you think. What are you making right now? Then shoot for that number instead.

By "walkaway income" I mean just that: you have the option of walking away from your former method of making ends meet...yeah, the J.O.B. Walkaway incomes are created by some application of the economic means, ie, a business of some kind. Or if you're a tort lawyer, you litigate the wealth away from others that set up businesses to create that wealth in the first place. We're not going to talk about the tort method of acquiring a piece of walkaway income. That requires too many years of schooling and a total disrespect for the free enterprise system.

There exist many roads to the same place, that being the day you replace your clock-punching method of making a living with something better. The ideal income to engineer is the income that you don't have to show up for, that you do not have to exchange time for money. The "time for money" racket is called earning a wage. A better descriptive term is wage slavery. Sure, slavery isn't what it used to be. You may not be in real physical chains being whipped like a dog in the galley of some Roman ship rowing your life away but your chains are still there. You're chained to that job and that 40 hours a week. You don't own the job; the job owns you.

Step one in your personal emancipation from the ball-and-chain called the J.O.B. is to start a business of your own. It's important to consider the way money is made in any particular business model you consider embarking upon. Not all business models are created equal. Often times, folks will start a business with these high-minded dreams that now they're free -- just to discover that the new business is more of a ball-and-chain than the J.O.B. was. Working for yourself can be not much different than working for someone else: the money might be better but the hours, paperwork, responsibility, government red tape and taxes actually end up being more of a nightmare than clock punching ever was.

For the typical wage earner, start up capital will be the biggest hurdle to make. Most folks working for a living don't have an extra $10,000 laying around to launch the next hot home business with all the bells and whistles. So franchising into an established business model is out of the question. Good, solid franchises everybody knows are tens of thousands of dollars to get into. If you do go the franchise route, you'll end up out of necessity not only being the owner but the day-to-day manager as well. So you've traded one J.O.B. for another J.O.B.

MLM/Network Marketing is an excellent option for the newbie entrepreneur to explore. Start up costs are usually under $100 a month, excellent support and mentoring from experienced members of your upline are just a chat room away, and your potential market is global now thanks to the Internet. Best of all, MLM/Network Marketing creates the kind of income all of us should be looking to secure: a residual income.

Your job in network marketing is to create markets for your company's products. The company pays you for your efforts by spreading the word through an army of independent representatives rather than hiring the propaganda wizards in high-priced Madison Avenue advertising firms. You profit by collecting a small piece of the efforts of the organization you create under you. A little piece collected from the leveraged efforts of a hundred, a thousand, a million people equals a nice little income once critical mass has been reached.

A walkaway income is a lot easier to engineer than most people think. Most people fall for the hype of the Internet marketing gurus and equate some astronomical number like $10,000 a month to represent in their minds a walkaway income.

Right now, this very minute, ask yourself this: how much money does it take for me to make ends meet RIGHT NOW. Your answer is on your biweekly paycheck stub. If you're paying the rent, buying food, generally making all your ends meet right now on the income from your job -- guess what?

If you're able to live right now, meet all your obligations on $1500 a month, that is your target to shoot for. When your business endeavor is bringing in $1500 a month regularly, you have now been emancipated. You can walkaway from the J.O.B.. You don't need it anymore. Your business is covering your cost of living.

I hope this little adjustment to your thinking has proven to be very empowering. Certainly, the task isn't nearly as daunting when your modest goal is to replace the income you're making right now at the J.O.B. Making this number your first target should be within the reach of anyone determined to take action, invest one to two years in a viable business model and see it through until the goal is reached, until your magic walkaway number is created.

About the author:

Gerald Montgomery is a published novelist and network marketer. He has written four novels published in the Gold Eagle Books Executioner series. He is a true believer in the Free Market System. He has been in the military for 13 years and his goal is to retire without taking a government pension.

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