Problems with Flu Vaccines Raise Issues About Safety of Popular Drugs

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As the FDA deals with pharmaceutical complications, alternative health medicines gain attention.

Longtime health researcher Dr. Cass Ingram was asked recently on a radio interview about health issues facing America. Dr. Ingram was quick to point out that recent problems with the flu vaccine may have been due to an oversight of the FDA. He pointed out that as reported by the LA Times, the FDA found sanitary issues at Chiron plant in 2003, but did not share their findings for over a year. The question is why. They seem to have a double standard on certain drugs. For example: the FDA issued a warning on RU 486 -- the drug used to cause medical abortions -- after two women died from secondary infections after taking the pill to end their pregnancy. The FDA also waited until 27,000 people died from heart attacks and strokes while taking a popular arthritis drug before pulling it from the market as reported by

The fact is, the British health regulators closed down the operations of the Chiron plant on October 5 after determining that the Fluviran flu vaccine could not be guaranteed of its purity. What is even more frightening is the following questions: how much of the contaminated flu vaccine was already in circulation? The public has never been told if that was corrected. The public needs to ask questions before taking any vaccine shots for any reason:

No. 1: What was in the flu shot that cause the contamination?

No. 2: Where was the vaccine tested and can you show any scientific evidence that it works?

No. 3: Will your doctor be willing to bear the financial burden if the side effects are more severe than promised by the pharmaceutical company? Obviously, the health issues facing America are far more complicated than we understand.

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