Modern Day Germs are Outsmarting Synthetic Medicine

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We are approaching a time in which our dependence on what is natural, what is now a choice, will be our only option.

Dr. Cass Ingram, health researcher and author, presented an interesting view to a radio audience when asked by callers why their medicine was not working.

We are approaching a time in which our dependence on what is natural, what is now a choice, will be our only option. We may be forced to rethink our standard when it comes to the treatment of illness and disease, and prevention. This can be attributed to one of two things.

First of all, synthetic, Westernized medicine treatments are slowly becoming obsolete, due to the lack of innovation or even restrictions implemented by political and fiscal reason. Second, and more importantly, germs are evolving at a pace that presents a problem for synthetic medication. These treatments cannot keep up with the natural evolution of microbes. Even if they could, these germs are so advanced, they eventually build a resistance to these drugs. Logically, exploring what nature can provide, in terms of what is natural, is the answer to this unavoidable problem.

To prevent this catastrophic phenomenon from continuing, we must explore what other options are available. Fortunately, these answers exist in tried and true methods used since antiquity. Spiced extracts such as oregano, and more importantly its P73 oil, have been scientifically proven to be effective alternatives to the ineffective and sometimes harmful pharmaceuticals you see on a daily basis.

We are putting ourselves in a susceptible position, allowing germs to evolve into super-bugs. These natural spice extracts do not allow this evolution, because, along with having the ability to destroy microbes, they support the immune system. Germs will not be able to evolve over these substances and become resistant. Research will shift belief systems toward this approach. The research and the science exist, proving these natural remedies as logical, effective alternatives. When investigating the ancient teachings of civilizations, we find that there is an herbal alternative, and when you use it today, it still works.

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