Can You Hear God’s Voice?

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Â?The Journey That Never Was: A guide to hearing GodÂ?s Voice, regardless of oneÂ?s faith, religion, or personal beliefs,Â? by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, claims you can

Hearing God’s Voice is not a gift given to a rare few. We each have this Voice within us. Learning to hear it is not only teachable, but inevitable.

This bold assertion — including direct communication and exercises from the Holy Spirit (the Voice for God) — is the basis of “The Journey That Never Was” (iUniverse, November 2004) by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, a husband and wife team who both hear God’s Voice within them as a discernible, audible, conversational Voice.

God’s Voice is the Gift that God gave to each of His Children as they stepped into the world, says the book. “Hearing God’s Voice is your most natural ability and It serves you unconditionally. God’s Voice has one purpose and that is to restore you to the Truth of who you are, and It will do that in whatever ways you seek.”

“The Journey That Never Was” delivers a spectacular framework for understanding why hearing God’s Voice is our natural state. It then identifies the barriers to hearing this Voice within us and provides simple, yet profound exercises for overcoming these barriers.

Daring in its message, the Voice that the authors hear asserts that we are, in fact, One Child of God, though we perceive our self as one of many upon the earth. Each piece must be restored to the Oneness for the Oneness to be complete. As each perceived piece of God’s Child remembers the Truth of who they are and brightens the flame of the Holy Spirit within them, they are then reminders to everyone they meet of the Truth of who they are. That is the pathway to the restoration of God’s Child, says the Voice.

The book also delivers the startling revelation that God did not create the world—God’s child, in fact, made the world in its desire for autonomy. In Truth, the world is an illusion — if you go to a place where God cannot go, your autonomy is assured. God does not go into the world because the world does not exist. There is nothing for God to go into.

The Holy Spirit says, “You believe in the world and that is how the world has come to be, but God does not. The world is a thought that you made to serve your desire for autonomy. It has only ever been a thought, is only now a thought, and will only ever be a thought.”

Other revelations include:

  • God’s Love is all there is, all there ever has been, and all there ever will be.
  • Jesus has been referred to as God’s Son and yet every person in the world is God’s Son. There is no distinction there. The only difference between Jesus and you is the desire, commitment, and follow through to hear only the Holy Spirit and to not engage with the ego.
  • Hearing that God did not create the world, you might think that the world has no meaning for you…. The world is what you made, and it can be used, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to either assist you in falling deeper into your sleep or it can assist you in waking up.
  • Everything that you are ultimately seeking—true happiness, peace, fulfillment, and love come from Oneness with God, come from hearing God’s Voice, restoring your mind to sanity and Right-Thinking.

Breathtaking in its theology, “The Journey That Never Was” provides a means of perceiving the world through God’s eyes. The book describes this perception as a state of Right-Mindedness, where there are no problems, there is nothing wrong, there is no suffering, no blame, no attack, no injustice, no unfairness, no unkindness, and nothing unloving. It says that when you can see everything as perfection, when you can see it all as innocence, when you can see everyone in their perfect place on their path, when you can see it as God can see the world ... that is when you will have true Peace, true Love, and true Happiness.

Brilliant in its message, “The Journey That Never Was” is the first step-by-step guide to hearing God’s Voice, not in some abstract or mystical way, but in a way that is just as real as picking up the phone and hearing God’s Voice on the other end.

If its claims are true, it may become the most significant spiritual book of the 21st century.

About the Authors:

DavidPaul and Candace Doyle have been hearing and sharing the Voice of the Holy Spirit for over 10 years. Their dream is to help all people, regardless of their faith, religion, or personal beliefs, hear God’s Voice within them in the ways they truly desire. They live in Ashland, Oregon.

The Journey That Never Was

A Guide to hearing God’s Voice, regardless of one’s faith, religion, or personal beliefs

By DavidPaul and Candace Doyle

Pub. Date: November 2004


ISBN 0-595-33555-1

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