Synterprise Global Consulting Announces Widespread Availability of the Ecotube System to Deliver Significant Combustion Improvement and NOx Reduction.

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Synterprise Global Consulting, a leading combustion engineering firm and provider of reliability, work management, and outage/shutdown management consulting, today announced the exclusive North American availability of the Ecotube System. The Ecotube System is an advanced combustion improvement and NOx reduction technology solution developed and patented by the Swedish environmental equipment and research firm, Ecomb AB

Michael Brown, Synterprise’s CEO stated,” The Ecotube System expands our ability to lower our client’s capital and O&M costs for boiler operations. Once an Ecotube System installation is complete, our client can begin to quickly experience reduced NOx emissions and immediate savings in O&M costs- driven by increased boiler efficiency and decreases in equipment corrosion which translates to longer equipment life cycles, reductions in fuel expense, and lower station service from reduced fan capacity. We’re extremely excited about this new product line for both Synterprise and our clients. Not only does the Ecotube System offer substantial immediate and long term business optimization benefits, it delivers an accelerated ROI through a short term capital payback of approximately 3 years.”

The Ecotube System utilizes a hybrid of two proven technologies: boosted over-fired air and selective non-catalytic reduction [SNCR]. It consists of retractable, self cleaning lance tubes penetrating the upper furnace, a process air fan system, a water-cooling system, a reliability data management system, and an electrical power and control system. A “reagent” injection system and / or a small downstream SCR system may be included for additional NOx reductions, depending on plant specific requirements. The system delivers air at high pressure to the upper furnace chamber via the lance tube injection system, changing the airflow from a laminar flow to a turbulent flow. It redistributes the gases throughout the boiler volume and increases the residence time in the boiler for improved air / fuel mixing in the furnace - increasing combustion process efficiency and providing significant multiple positive benefits.

“We recognized the difficulty our clients were facing in finding a good combustion improvement solution that provides greater boiler optimization while addressing ever tightening emissions compliance requirements,” explained Dan Palomino, Vice President of Marketing for Synterprise. “We are also sensitive to today’s cost constraints and swift implementation requirements. We are thrilled to meet market demand with the Ecotube System that obtains significant NOx reduction while increasing boiler availability, and which can be utilized as either an independent solution or in conjunction with other SNCR and/or SCR strategies.”

The new Ecotube System in North America is a jointly provided system by Ecomb AB of Sweden and Synterprise.


• Increased boiler efficiency and reduced fuel burn

• Significant NOx reduction - meets renewable energy credit qualifications & EPA regulations

• Lowered CO and VOC levels

• Reduced equipment erosion/corrosion

• Reduced fly ash generation and disposal costs

• Low to moderate capital cost (depending on plant configuration)

• Lowers total boiler “life cycle” operational costs and reduces plant station service power costs

• Minimal installation down time of 4 to 5 days; project duration schedules of only 5 to 6 months

About Synterprise Global Consulting

Synterprise, LLC is a privately owned consulting company to the energy and utility industry. Synterprise’s Reliability, Outage, and Work Management programs integrate leading reliability technologies with best practices asset utilization and business processes for sustainable improvement.

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