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This site is dedicated to environmental news and information mainly related to the UK but includes information on the rest of the world as environment is a global issue. Its ideal for students looking for help as it's easy to use and find information.

UK Environment is a site that focuses on up to date news and information about environmental issues that affect the UK. We have focused on the UK but the environment is a world issue and we have included other relevant stories. We have researched many topics that we feel will educate and inform about issues that may be unclear to others. We are aware that often children will need to research environmental issues for schools and this is the ideal website as it enables them to read aspects of these topics in order to gain an understanding.

The news is updated daily so helping the public to find the latest news, new ideas and research for each site topic. If visitors want to know more information about that particular news story they can click the link to find the full story.

There are five main topics that are covered with several sub topics with each one. These include alternative energy, pollution, our health, Topical Issues, biodiversity and Earth needs our help.

Alternative energy - Alternative energy are forms of energy that are created by not using fossil fuels. They are also known as renewable energy. These include Solar, Wind, Water, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Nuclear Energy, and Geothermal Energy. They are renewable because they can be used over and over again so it means that they will never run out and they are also more environmentally friendly. Please see the separate articles that are linked in order to see more information about the various forms of alternative energy. Each of the sources of renewable energy are covered by the site editorial.

Pollution - Pollution is where our environment and atmosphere is being affected by the use of energy by humans. Pollution is generated from the use of energy that comes from fossil fuels. We have covered the 3 main types of pollution Air, Water and Land and the effects on our environment.

Our Health - Over the past few years more research has been undertaken into how our environment affects our health ranging from heart disease through to lung cancer and we have covered some of the most common of these.

Biodiversity - Biodiversity is all about the diverse world we live in and have tried to focus on our English countryside plants and wildlife, but have included some information on the worlds rain forests.

Topical Issues - The section covers those issues that are discussed the most and covers global warming, GM crops, Acid rain and endangered species in England and the world.

Earth Needs Our Help - This section is about self help in the sense that you can get a better understanding on how you are able to help the environment. This includes information about charities, pressure groups, recycling, government advice, conservation and energy saving cars and homes. More information on all of this can be accessed on the links to the pages about these subjects.

This is an ideal website if you want to learn about environmental issues affecting the UK and worldwide and we recommend this so that the public can gain a good understanding of the environment.

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