Wicked Women Chopper, LLC - The Only Female Built, Designed, and Owned Motorcycle Manufacturer in the Country

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Wicked Women Choppers - Born out of her personal frustration with the motorcycle industryÂ?s failure to specifically address the needs of Women Riders, Wicked Women Choppers LLC is the vision of Christine Vaughn Â? Motorcycle Rider, Designer, Fabricator, Builder, President and CEO.

What is the point of having a bike that looks good, handles great, has all the power you need, but you can’t ride it comfortably or safely? Balancing the bike on the balls of your feet is uncomfortable and unsafe – sliding forward on the seat to reach the brake peddle may be fine for a planned stop but is a disaster waiting to happen in an emergency situation.

Christine’s solution – Wicked Women Choppers LLC introduces the Shady Lady. Keeping in mind that the average women is 5’ 5” tall, the Shady Lady’s drop-seat frame lowers the seating position while maintaining ground clearance and full range function of the rear suspension. That level of detail is carried out throughout the design. While the bike producers may not have been as proactive as they could have been in meeting the needs of this large but largely ignored segment of the market, the aftermarket product suppliers have gone out of their way to support Christine and her efforts to get her new company up and running.

Company Presidents such as Brett Smith of S&S Cycle called personally to pledge his company’s support, as did Melvin Magnet of Rivera-Primo, Joe Edwards of Climax Cycle Controls and most of the other major suppliers. If it is a man’s world, these companies didn’t show it – their advice and technical assistance has been invaluable. Let’s do the math. 15% of motorcycle riders are women and they have always been 100% of the passengers – “I guess that makes us 115% of the market” says Christine. “I don’t know if that is a niche market or a gaping hole”.

Getting back to the Shady Lady, it is powered by a Polished 96” S&S Motor with the 107” and 113” offered as options. Power is transferred to the rear wheel using a Rivera-Primo enclosed primary belt drive then through their 6-speed right-side-drive transmission. This set up combined with the drop-seat frame provides a very well balanced platform – nothing left-side heavy here. For connecting to the road, a 250/40 X 18” Avon Rear Tire is matched with a 120/70 X 21” Front Tire both mounted on RC Components “Wolverine” Chrome Billet Wheels, 8 ½” on the rear and 3 ½” on the front. Christine used the wider 120/70 on the front as opposed to the more common 90/90 to improve the bike’s handling through corners.

For the rest of the bike, if it isn’t polished it is chromed, if it isn’t chromed it is custom painted including a color matched, painted frame. The custom paint and graphics are included in the base price of the bikes, as are the chrome forward controls and WWC/Climax Cycle Controls, internally wired and cabled bars.

At a MSRP of $32,500 the Shady Lady is packed with high quality standard features and is very competitively priced for not only the Women Rider but for anyone looking for a unique production custom at a bargain price. All WWC bikes come with a 2-year factory warranty and a Manufacturers VIN Title making them insurable and easily financed.

About Christine M. Vaughn:

Christine is a 7th generation Alaskan, born on one of Alaska’s Southeast islands in the City of Ketchikan, the largest of the island’s three cities. Guided by her stepfather Alan, a Native Alaskan Fisherman, she learned the ways of the Haida Tribe and the beauty and bounty of the surrounding islands and waters of Southeast Alaska. With her long blond hair braided and laced with beads, she, along with Alan’s two other daughters, learned tribal dances and traditions, never noticing the contrast between her and her true Native Alaskan sisters.

Christine spent much of her time hunting and fishing with Alan with her home life divided between the family's float houses, fishing camps and Alan’s fishing boat – A normal existence for a fisherman’s daughter. At eleven years old they moved to Washington where Christine got involved in dirt bike, quad and dune buggy racing. One of her biggest thrills was removing her helmet after winning an event and seeing the surprise on the boy’s faces when they saw the blond hair come tumbling out - They had just been beaten by a girl. She went on to try here hand at a variety of typical girl stuff – flight training, snowmobile racing, automobile restoration, horseback riding, woodworking, metal fabrication, and various construction projects.

She met and married her husband Dan and together they have a son, Joseph Devin Austin Vaughn. The three of them traveled the world with her husband’s job with Christine doing double duty as mother and Executive Assistance for her husband. Her husband shared her adventurous spirit and they bought a pair of Harley Davidson Fat Boys after settling in Illinois. Christine immediately set about personalizing her ride and enjoyed the tinkering as much as she did the riding. The end result of was two almost identical, heavily customized bikes, which drew attention wherever they went. At every stop it seemed that offers were being made to purchase the bikes to a point where the offers were too good to pass up and strangely enough, men were buying most of her bikes. Out with the old and in with the new and the process kept repeating itself.

Based on this success and always looking for a new challenge Christine decided to move to the next level, full out custom building - The idea for Wicked Women Choppers was born. Armed with piles of industry magazines and stacks of product catalogs she set about designing WWC’s first model “The Shady Lady”.

The next tasks to be tackled, and by far the hardest, were Federal, State and Local governmental approvals for the new business along with dealer and OEM relationships with vendors. In April of this year everything started coming together and in March Christine received her Federal Manufacturing approval – Wicked Women Choppers was now a viable entity and thus begins a new chapter for Christine…….


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