New Coating Resists Mold in Home and Building Wall Cavities and Surfaces

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ForSite(tm) a new do-it-yourself product from EnviroCare Corporation goes on like paint or clear stain and is ideal for homeowners, building contractors, remodelers and property managers who want to stop mold before it starts. ForSite (tm) active ingredient is a non-toxic, EPA and FDA approved silver-based additive that can last a lifetime in wall cavities where mold can grow undetected. ForSite(tm) is being rolled out nationwidem for local retail outlets call 8770463-2628.

EnviroCare Corporation, developer of mold resistant solutions for professionals, has expanded its product line with ForsSite™ — a mold prevention product for consumers, builders, painters and property managers. ForSite™ is available at select home and garden centers, hardware stores, and paint and wallcovering stores nationwide. For local retail outlets telephone 877-463-2628.

"ForSite™ is being introduced at a time when many insurance companies offer terrorism coverage but will not insure against the extraordinary risk of mold. This is an indication of the serious liability risk mold and mildew poses and why this product is so timely," explains Bryan Redler, CEO, EnviroCare Corporation, whose company pioneered silver-based mold-resistant coating technology and remediation products with the earlier introduction of E-Coat™ for professionals.

ForSite™ may be applied in all wall cavities, usually at the dry-in stage before windows are installed, as well as on such porous surfaces as concrete where the mold can gain a foothold. ForSite™ may also be used in conjunction with mold remediation as a final step in restoring water-damaged building materials.

ForSite™ goes on like ordinary paint or stain with rollers, brushes, sprayer or convenient aerosol and is available in clear for exterior walls and surfaces or light blue for wall cavities, where the pigment indicates coverage. Applications typically dry to the touch in less than an hour and are completely dry within a few hours. ForSite™ is water-based for easy clean up.

Silver Lining

ForSite™ is a patent-pending product based on long-lasting anti-microbial properties of engineered silver, long proven to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. The silver in ForSite™ is unlike traditional paint additives, based on organic compounds, mainly water soluble borate salts, and quats that degrade over time or even faster in the presence of moisture. Because the active ingredient is inorganic, the pre-mixed, silver-based ForSite™ remains effective indefinitely.

Simply put, the silver in ForSite™ releases silver ions in the presence of moisture to inhibit mold. Silver is regularly used to prevent microbes in medical applications such as implants, and in food production environments and water filtration systems. Studies have shown that silver-based anti-microbials have a life expectancy of more than 140 years.

Applications include homes, apartment buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, air-handling and ventilation ducts, restaurants including food preparation areas, attics, basements, crawl spaces, patios, decks, walkways, tile and bathrooms. Construction materials such as plywood, boards, Drywall, OSB/Sheathing, concrete panels and other masonry products may be coated with ForSite™ before or after installation.

Depending on the surface and environmental conditions, ForSite™ can last for the life of the material. Heavy traffic areas such as walkways may need re-coating after a year, while an untouched wall cavity may be maintenance-free for a lifetime.

ForSite’s EPA registered and FDA-approved silver-based additive is non-hazardous to ship or handle. No special licensing or training is needed. Application cost is three to ten cents per square-foot — far less than the unbridled cost of correcting a mold and mildew problem and the liability associated with its well-publicized consequences.

ForSite™ is backed with a10-year warranty on interior/wall cavity applications with guaranteed protection from mold growth on the coating. Exterior or exposed surfaces should be re-coated every 1 to 5 years depending on foot traffic or UV light and environmental exposures. EnviroCare Corporation was founded in l999 and is a member of Associated Building Material Distributors (ABM).

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