The New Epidemic - Why is Our Society Hooked on Mind-Altering Drugs?

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Is the War on Drugs Missing the REAL Target? Why has the American public been fooled into thinking only street drugs are dangerous?

Dependence on prescription drugs such as tranquilizers, sleeping pills and anti-depressants is the focus of Label Me Sane, a California not-for-profit organization. Label Me Sane, was established by Alesandra Rain and Andrea Crocker after recognizing that most drug education lectures provided inadequate information.

Rain, a survivor of prescription drug addiction, understands there is a lack of information regarding psychotropic and behavioral drugs. She is angered about the widely unknown history of illegal drugs and their connection to past psychiatric use. Rain claims that most illegal drugs were used in the psychiatric profession for years but were discarded after the dangers surfaced. “Cocaine and heroin were considered the ‘wonder drugs’ of their time, just like many of the new mood altering drugs marketed today. Explains Rain.

“There is a crisis in the world and most people don’t even know they are at risk.” States Rain. “The psychiatric medication mass marketed today for all types of mental disorders is putting people at risk. We no longer have only street pushers to worry about as the image of pushers has changed to white lab coats and nice offices.” Says Rain.

Prescription drug addiction to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication can be far more addicting and debilitating that addiction to heroin or cocaine. The withdrawals are recognized by many to be far more difficult, more prolonged, and can last months or years. Yet these drugs are prescribed to millions for every possible life circumstance.

Rain claims over 68 million Americans have used anti-depressants without realizing that many of the adverse effects are identical to illegal drugs. Cross addictions to other drugs and alcohol occurs in 73% of minor tranquilizer users, many of whom never used or had problems with alcohol or other drugs previously.

Many doctors do not recognize the side effects or withdrawal syndromes and end up prescribing a cocktail of drugs to control symptoms. Almost half of Americans are taking at least one prescription medication and one in six are taking three or more.

Heroin, Cocaine and LSD were on the market for decades before they were deemed unsafe. How long will the psychotropic drugs be prescribed before the reality about their devastating effects are recognized? Far more people are taking these “safe” drugs thinking they are best serving themselves and their family. How many people will lose their lives or suffer addiction before the dangers are addressed?

“My lectures don’t tell people not to take drugs,” insists Rain, “but they do encourage people to find out for themselves about side effects and what drugs can do to the mind and body. I want people empowered to think for themselves and look at all the facts. After all, most illicit drugs are cast off psychiatric drugs,” concluded Rain.

Any business, organization or college interested in a lecture is encouraged to contact Label Me Sane for availability.

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