New Book "Climbing the Heavenly Stairs"

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Author Ispired to Write A Book by a Dream. A vivid dream pointed out to the author the lack of belief in spiritual things in millions of people. The Bible is often though of as a myth or as not relevant to life today. Many don’t understand it because is a collection of 66 books, and don’t know where to look to find the truths that can save their soul.The basic truths are pointed out with the actual Scriptures so that readers can see what the Word of God is all about. It contains more about human nature than any other source because it came from the one that made all things. It is as up to date as tomorrow morning’s newspaper.

After having a dream about a man talking about Climbing the Heavenly Stairs, Lynn Bradley decided that it was his call to write a book by the same name.

Since many are confused by different doctrines of the various denominations, he elected to let the Scriptures speak for themselves. Biblical requirements are the only thing hat matters


The book is meant as a guide that can be used both by those unfamiliar with the Bible and Christians that want to become more mature.

It is simple enough for beginners to understand, and the reader is gradually taken to the deeper aspects that will benefit scholars also.

After the Scriptural basic requirements are given, the student is instructed how to get the feel of his/her faith, set priorities, and shown how to go on to maturity. It is emphasized that the commands of the Bible are not optional.

The glorious attributes of the individual member of the Godhead are described, so that readers can get acquainted with them, and build an unshakable faith. When you know the Word of God and the God of the Word, your faith will no longer shake with every fleeting doubt. It will be solid and eliable because it is built on a rock.    

Christianity is more than a belief; it is a way of life. Jesus, the master teacher instructs us to live life to the full. This is discussed as well as instructions on how to restore your faith and fit in with your congregation.

The book also discusses how to become successful in your endeavors and how to deal with failure. Having faith is more than embracing an unseen God; it determines your whole outlook on life. If you have no faith, you will fail to do what is necessary to become successful.

The Bible is held up as the life blood of spiritual knowledge; it equips us to handle life. Jesus calmed the storm in New Testament days and he will quiet the storms in your life. When you obey the Creator of all things, you have the calm assurance that all is well with your soul.

You can learn more and purchase the book online by clicking on the following link. It can also be ordered from most book stores if they are out of stock.


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