Customer Service Advocate and Author Not Surprised at Business Leaders Who Are Shocked That Comrades Failed Them

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The values of any business come from the core of the business. The core of the business is what is believed and practiced by the executives and filters its way through employees to customers. The author calls this the "Onion Effect".

Memphis-based author, speaker, and radio talk show host is not surprised to hear that leaders of business are shocked by the decisions made by their subordinates:

"Recent comments by deposed Enron leader Ken Lay that he didn’t know what his underlings were doing shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The Laws of the Universe see to that." according to Horrell.

"Simply stated, there are certain laws which have been undeniably proven by physicists and Nobel Prize winners. One of these is the Law of Attraction, which states that everything is energy and that energy attracts like energy. Energy is controlled by thought, thus explaining scriptural and scientific theory that we become what we think about, we actually attract what we focus on. Sometimes known as “positive thinking”, these theories are supported by scientific evidence (if you disagree, see Albert Einstein). This is neither cult nor religious theory; this is science."

"How this applies to Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, Martha Stewart’s company, and others is just as simple. The leaders of these companies, and every other company for that matter, are going to attract others in their organization with similar values to theirs. You can peel back the layers of companies and at the center is the core…the values of the company.

More specifically, the core of the company is the values of the senior executives. If the core values are of trust, honesty, kindness, diversity, dignity, and respect, then this group will attract other leaders with those same values. They will transcend those values to the treatment of employees who will likewise transfer those same values to customers. Similarly, values of the leaders of a company which consist of distrust, dishonesty, hate, prejudice, indignity and disrespect will attract management with similar values, which will then find their way to customers via the employees they attract. Simple…but true.

Ken Lay didn’t know what Andrew Fastow was doing. I believe him. He didn’t have to. He attracted a certain value-driven behavior of his subordinates by HIS behavior. His manager acted like Ken Lay would have acted."

Horrell contends this is widespread and dangerous. "Notice the actions of other leaders in business and politics. Watch how their “lieutenants” behave. You’ll see the Law of Attraction at work.

Be assured that I am not referring to the simple acts of following corporate policy or law. We can all follow that…it is clear and spelled out. I am referring to decisions made on values; doing the right thing as opposed to the wrong thing."

Want to know how to determine how YOUR Company will respond under pressure? What kind of management you will be attracting? What kind of customer will want to do business with you? Easy. Gather your executives right now and find out what it is that is most important to them. Is it family, honor, dignity? Or is it personal financial success, ego, or power?

You’ll be able to tell, although for many they will be disappointed. However, like it or not, this is a snapshot of a company."

Horrell contends that this is easy to ascertain. "Take a look around and validate for yourself. From political administrations to the businesses you read about in the local paper. The values are obvious and predictable. The results are obvious as well."

Ed Horrell is a Memphis-based speaker, author, and radio talk show host. His talk show, "Talk About Service" is heard Sundays from noon until one PM on AM 990 from Memphis.


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