Vinegar - Nature’s Secret Weapon

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Vinegar another everyday product that has been identified as having more benefits that just a flavouring agent for chips. Vinegar has been found to have hundreds of domestic and medical uses. It has been used to treat many minor health problems and provides a natural solution to domestic stains and dirt when the only real alternative in the past has been a cocktail of chemicals. Over the last few years more and more people are rediscovering amazing uses for everyday products that we keep in our kitchen cupboards. As people move away from the chemical mixtures under the sink for natural solutions to everyday problems it is these grandmother remedies that are beginning to take centre stage.

Vinegar or Acetic Acid as it is known by the Boffins is the product of alcohol (ethanol) that has been exposed to air. This is why wine that has been left standing for couple days with the cork out tastes sour. Some of the alcohol has reacted with the oxygen in the air to produce Acetic Acid and this produces the characteristic taste and smell of vinegar.

After exhaustive research Maxwell Stein has produced a book explaining the use of vinegar for hundreds of different applications.

“Vinegar has for years been kept in the kitchen cupboard and only brought out when it is required to flavour chips or pickling. I have discovered while researching my book that vinegar has hundreds of effective long forgotten applications from relieving headaches and sore throats to relieving the pain of insect bites. In addition to the many health applications, Vinegar also has hundreds of domestic uses too. It really is an amazing substance. Vinegar really is Natures Secret Weapon.

The number of uses for vinegar; whether its for a particular medical application or for a domestic problem; such as removing chewing gum really make vinegar a remarkable substance that is long overdue recognition for its effectiveness.” says Maxwell Stein author of Vinegar: Nature’s Secret Weapon.

Vinegar is another example of a Grandmother remedy that is beginning to gain respect for its healing and domestic power where in the past any suggestion that it had health benefits would have been scoffed at as an old wives tale. How long will it be before all the items regarded as main stream groceries will be found to have beneficial health and domestic properties that out perform their chemical cousins?

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