Waterless Urinals Revolutionized by the EcoSmellstop System – Incredible Savings

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The introduction of the waterborne sewerage system was a blessing decades ago, but today it is in many parts of the world a major problem.

Waterless Urinals were first recorded in 1894 when a Swiss Engineer had a revolutionary idea about saving water, even though water was in adequate supply at the time. More than 100 years later humanity finds itself in a crisis situation, with water in extremely short supply! Our waterborne sewerage system is one of the main culprits in wasting and polluting our scarce water resources.

Waterless Urinals can bring about a significant improvement in this respect! However the “conventional”, cartridge type, waterless urinal, saves water but at a high, hidden cost! The use of an oil based sealing liquid as well as the frequent replacement of the cartridge is an ongoing cost over the life of the urinal!

The 3rd generation EcoSmellstop system cuts these costs as it is a low maintenance unit, and needs neither sealing liquid nor a cartridge! Our urinals for example are specified and fitted in various municipal installations, in shopping centres, schools and universities and fast food outlets.

The EcoSmellstop system, designed by an hydraulics engineer, has been developed with only one target in view – low maintenance. In a well developed environment it is not a major problem to obtain good maintenance service. However in “downtown” precincts and developing countries maintenance presents major problems. To achieve a satisfactory maintenance level a minimal infrastructure has to exist to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of materials and chemicals.

Nols Kotze, maintenance manager responsible for ablution facilities in and around Johannesburg is of the opinion that the EcoSmellstop is a huge blessing. The first Waterless and Odourless Urinal was introduced in 1983. It was of the cartridge type and needed an oily sealing liquid. In 1989 Johannesburg introduced so called “flying maintenance teams” going around in red painted vehicles visiting all the restrooms around town. Initially this system worked extremely well and the maintenance budget for the town’s restrooms could be halved. On average a facility was visited every second day and the units situated in “hot” spots were cleaned daily. Soon, however the problems arose as a considerable number of the vehicles were in the workshop due to accidents etc. instead of being in the field. The cost of maintenance soon rocketed exponentially.

With the launch of the EcoSmellstop system the use of cartridges and chemicals falls away and the maintenance required to keep the bowl clean is reduced to an absolute minimum. Urine as such forms considerable amounts of sludge and it is advisable to flush the piping regularly with a standard drain cleaner. The maintenance schedule for the EcoSmellstop system requires approximately 1/10 of the time invested into the cartridge type urinals.

The potential saving with the EcoSmellstop system becomes crystal clear if all factors such as time savings, infrastructural cost savings and the absence of chemicals and materials are taken into consideration.


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