For Miserable Menopause, New Way to Increase Energy and Improve Sleep

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Dr. David Minkoff, founder of, says women using BioBuilde report they experience better sleep through the night, fewer night sweats, and increased energy.

Menopausal women taking BioBuilde, a new protein recovery therapy containing the eight essential amino acids, have found it lessens the symptoms of menopause, giving them more energy, reducing their night sweats, and helping them sleep better through the night, says Dr. David Minkoff, founder of, a nutrition company specializing in cutting-edge dietary supplements.

About 4,000 women every day enter menopause, according to the North American Menopause Society. This means more than 1.3 million new women enter menopause yearly, experiencing the miserable symptoms of menopause for the first time: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, fatigue, thinning hair, brittle nails and more.

The previously relied upon hormone drug for menopause, Prempro, took a dive in popularity after a 2002 Women's Health Initiative study debunked the product's safety, finding it significantly increased the risk of strokes and cancer.

Now women are seeking more natural alternatives. Luba H., a 54-year-old office worker in Clearwater, Florida, is using BioBuilde, an amino acid supplement, to help with her menopause.

"Ever since I have been taking BioBuilde," Luba says, "I have the energy that I had back when I was a teenager. I now sleep much deeper and longer. Before, I would toss and turn every night and would wake up at least four or five times a night. I now wake up feeling rested and ready for a new day."

Luba is one of many menopausal women finding BioBuilde helps lessen the symptoms of menopause.

BioBuilde provides the eight essential amino acids needed by the body to make protein. According to Dr. David Minkoff, protein plays a major role in balancing hormones, yet many menopausal women have low levels of protein.

“As women enter middle age, they lose nearly half of the hydrochloric acid in their stomachs. This loss is due to natural aging and the fact that many people take prescription or over-the-counter medications -- such as mylanta, pepsid, zantac, prilosec, nexium, etc. -- to block stomach acid. But this stomach acid is necessary to activate the digestive enzymes needed to break down protein.

“So even if you eat plenty of meat, fish, and eggs, it may not be getting to your cells because it never gets digested. If it doesn't get into the body, the body can't use it. That is why eating enough protein may not be the solution,” says Dr. Minkoff.

With fewer digestive enzymes, the body's ability to assimilate protein declines. As a result, many women become protein deficient. They can't manufacture the protein materials their body needs to rebalance their body's hormones.

BioBuilde is a highly purified protein source that is broken down and does not need stomach acid to be absorbed into the body. Instead, BioBuilde is absorbed directly from the small intestine into the bloodstream within 23 minutes.

Research has shown that 99 percent of BioBuilde’s amino acids act as precursors to protein synthesis in the body, as compared to 18-42 percent of other protein sources. This efficiency is due to a concept called "Net Nitrogen Utilization." To compare BioBuilde’s nitrogen utilization to other proteins you eat, see

“By providing missing protein nutrition, BioBuilde-targeted protein recovery therapy helps balance your hormone levels. This allows for increased energy and better sleep rhythms,” says Dr. Minkoff.

BioBuilde also supports optimum adrenal gland functioning, assists with neurotransmitter production, and helps maintain healthy bones, hair, nails and joints., a nutrition company located in Clearwater, Florida, empowers individuals with optimum physical health through unique cutting-edge natural dietary supplements and education. To learn more about BioBuilde, visit or call toll-free 877-804-3258.

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