Relief Found for America's Number One Fear: Stage Fright

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Speaking Circles International Introduces a 5-Step Method to Make Even the Most Anxious Speaker Comfortable on Stage; Take Quiz at on Stage Fright.

Speaking Circles® International today announced relief for America’s number one ranked fear – stage fright. Stage fright surpasses death among people’s most prominent fears according the The Book of Lists. To support people worldwide in overcoming this fear, Speaking Circles International has created a quiz on its website to assess the severity of the anxiety as well as a 5-Step Method to offer relief to its sufferers.

Whether giving a toast at a friend’s wedding, an informal talk to a small group at work, or an important presentation, it is natural to suffer from some degree of performance anxiety, or stage fright. Ranging from the “screaming meemies" variety of stage fright, to low-grade trepidation, to simply a sense that you can be so much more in front of groups, assessing your symptoms presents an ideal opportunity to begin transforming self-consciousness into self-confidence.

“In 1989, still desperately seeking a solution to my life-long stage fright, I invented the group process that came to be known as Speaking Circles®,” said Lee Glickstein, Founder of Speaking Circles International. “Utilizing soft-focus group support for finite periods of time, this deceptively simple method has turned out to be the elegant key to gently dissolving fear of speaking in public for people around the world.”

5-Step approach to overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety:

Full Presence Communication is based upon a natural method called “Be With”, meaning to invite connection on a personal level with one listener at a time. The best way to command attention and master communication with groups of any size is to be fully present and completely authentic. This deceptively simple method does not deal with content memorizing techniques or stage cues, rather it teaches a person to be in intimate connection with their audience at all times. This is the basis for the 5 step approach to overcoming stage fright:

1. Practice the "Be With" alone with the memory of inspirational teachers you've known.

2. Practice the "Be With" with a trusted partner.

3. Attend ongoing Speaking Circles or a peer study group to deepen your understanding of the "Be With" in a group setting.

4. Attend Speaking Circle workshops and practice speaking to groups in comfortable settings.

5. Gradually increase your public presence by seeking larger opportunities to speak in your community, while maintaining the "Be With" approach.

(For greater detail, see “Free Home Study Program” linked at the top of the website,

According to the Lamalie Report on Top Executives, communications skills in successful executives earning over $250,000 a year attribute 71% of their success to communication skills. The same report for female executives sites 89% to their communication skills.

Speaking Circles focus on the essential first step missing in traditional public speaking programs – the connection between speaker and listeners. This relationship-based approach provides a supportive listening environment where you learn to express yourself confidently and naturally without performance techniques.

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