Coastal Vacations Club Promises Happy Holidays and the Wonderful Gift of Vacations for Less

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Jeff Mills and Coastal Vacations Club helps vacationers dig out fantastic deals for Winter and Spring Travels to incredible luxury destinations, all over the world.

John Warner wanted a vacation. His high-stress job was telling on his health, he hadn’t spent time with his family in months, and his love for travel had remained unfulfilled for years. But balancing his long hours at work, the elaborate legwork for a planned vacation, the sky-high prices at resorts, and the needs of each member of his family proved too much. This holiday season, like last year and the year before that, John and his family will just end up staying home in front of the television.

John’s problem isn’t unique. Many of us never have the time or resources to take a vacation. But as Jeff Mills and Coastal Vacations have proved time and time again, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Coastal Vacations was started by Fred Combs about 26 years ago and now it is helping thousands of people all over the world save up to 85 percent on all the vacations they will take for life. Former youth pastor Jeff Mills has joined the ranks of the many independent distributors because he loves to travel and knows that 92.5 percent of the world’s population loves to travel and save money too.

Jeff has the perfect solution for people like John. Offering a wide mix of vacation choices within the three packages offered to its end users. Coastal Vacations delivers a high-value product for the most competitive price on the market.

“People don’t realise that the travel industry is booming, and that vacations can be taken at very big discounts,” says Mills. “With our packages, it’s possible to save as much as 85 percent of what you would spend otherwise. And there’s no sacrifice of comfort and quality – you’ll still stay in the best resorts and hotels and have a great time, for pennies on the dollar, because of our group volume and purchasing power.”

Part of the reason why Coastal Vacations works so well is because of Mills’ deep knowledge of the industry. As an independent Coastal Vacations Level 2 Director, Mills keeps constant tabs on offers, tariffs, premiums and vacation comps. He is adept at showing the end users how they can use their lifetime memberships and get the best deals out there, that no one else can. As he says, “it’s a holiday only if you enjoy it.”

Coastal Vacations’ range of destinations includes exotic resorts at Hawaii and Florida as well as luxury cruise liners, all at prices that guarantee dropped jaws and bulging eyeballs.

Jeff Mills points out that Coastal Vacations offers even more benefits than travel agencies or big discounter websites. “With your membership, you get a combination of 20 membership cards with companies that have been in existence for over 16 years like Access – Great American Traveller, Quest, Hotels At Half Price and other cruise and condo resort cards. We also have over 25 other vacation discounts with our mini-vacation adventures that go all over North America. And all you have to do when the trips are over is just pay the room tax! And the best part about it is.... NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS EVER... with our membership packages” he says. “You could get a lifetime travel membership valued at $20,000 for as little as $3,995!” Mills offers three membership packages – the Limited Resort Vacation Membership, the Unlimited Premier Vacation Membership and the Business Development Membership for businesses and corporations to use for inducing customers to buy services or create reward programs and contests for employees.

“Nothing motivates employees better than cash, except for complimentary cruises and complimentary trips to exotic locations, with a sales contest,” says Mills.

These packages, and the huge savings that they bring with them, are being snapped up by businesses and firms to be used as incentives for customers and employees. “One auto dealer I knew offered cruises for two as incentives and his growth just took off,” says Mills. “He moved from fourth in Calgary to number one in Western Canada and the promotion added over 3 million dollars of revenue! Other businesses put these packages up as incentives, and for a very low cost, their employee output rockets upwards. A study says that 75 percent of workers would respond to a formal motivation program, and Coastal Vacations’ packages are just the sort of incentive that people need to work harder.”

And unlike the many scams that float through the travel industry, the packages offered by Mills and Coastal Vacations really do save money! Take the example of Adam Bistodeau, who used the Coastal Vacations’ discounts on condos. “I had the opportunity to stay in Florida for two weeks for less than what it cost me if I would have flown out there in an airplane,” said Bistodeau. “And I stayed at four- and five-star fully furnished resorts, in a one-bedroom unit, for only $ 107 for the whole week! I had to pay taxes of $ 15 per unit, so when it was all said and done, I only spent about $ 244 for the entire two weeks. Four people slept comfortably in our resort rooms, which were so much nicer than the boxy hotel rooms you get nowadays. I never had to attend a timeshare presentation, and I really enjoyed the amenities.”

Fantastic deals like these, Mills says, are abundant, but one has to know where to find them. Coastal Vacations does. “We also offer avenues for you to make money from home,” says Mills. “You can make $ 1,000 or $ 3,200 when you refer someone to buy a membership, and we can even set up an associate program that can earn you even more.” With Coastal Vacations and Jeff Mills, opportunities to save and make money just never stop. It’s no wonder that Mills is flooded with customers. “And to those reading this,” says Mills, “come on over to Coastal Vacations and see how we can send you on the best dream and luxury vacation you’ve ever experienced. Memories for a lifetime.”

For more information about our exciting wholesale lifetime travel membership packages, one can visit: to see a complete listing of all the contents and savings which come within the travel memberships.

If the reader is inclined to look for a way to possibly earn commissions of $3000-$5000 per week, working from the comfort of their home as a marketing and independent director for Coastal Vacations, one can view all the information at Jeff Mills’ sites: or

Jeff Mills can also be reached directly at his Home Office for free consultations at 651-769-2189. His email address is

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