OPC's--The Answer to a Desperate Man's Prayers

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An account of one man turning adversity with Hepatitis-C into opportunity and success. Natural supplements proved to be the 'right medicine" for this mans Dilemma.

Chronically ill with Hepatitis-C and facing the prospect of full disability, Pat Baker saw his four-year saga of failed interferon therapy as futile. Fatigued and desperately needing a solution, he turned to OPCs. "2001 was a turning point in my life," says Pat. "I improved dramatically within four days, and knew I'd keep using this miraculous creation. The first was too expensive, so I set out to make a better and less costly one that actually works better, and founded my own company." Saratoga Supplements, his steadily growing business, is in Ballston Lake, New York.

The company's powdered Ultra effective ISO-OPC Solution enters the bloodstream within 20 minutes and attacks the body's free radicals for up to 72 hours. More quickly and readily absorbed than capsules or tablets, it contains extracts from red wine, pine bark, and grape seed as well as bilberry extract and Vitamins C and E. Customers continually report relief from a full array of afflictions.

The first documented use of OPC was with Native Americans along the St Lawrence Seaway. After decades of research, OPCs have since proven 50 times more effective than Vitamin E and 20 times more effective than Vitamin C in arresting free radicals. They can penetrate the "blood-brain" barrier to protect the brain and central nervous system from free-radical damage. They also maximize other antioxidants' effectiveness, and combat numerous debilitating conditions. Documented successes keep growing.

Even healthy people following strict diets get too few antioxidants to fight harmful free radicals. The same chemical process that discolors fruits and vegetables, corrodes metals, and crumbles rubber damages human cells too. Environmental pollution, high-fat diets, stress, and sunlight add to self-destructive radicals our bodies and surroundings create. Mainstream medical science substantiates they are primary culprits in degeneration and aging. Bioflavonoids, however, can intervene.

These complex organic plant compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and bark can subdue free radicals and work with other vital antioxidants to protect cells. Of over 20,000 different types, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are deemed most effective. Scientists substantiate they are among the most powerful free radical scavengers known.

Dr. Randine Lewis, infertility expert and author of "The Infertility Cure", has suggested OPCs for years to overcome reproductive organ stagnation. Her patients introduced her to Saratoga Supplements, the first such provider she has recommended. "The addition of OPC to my patients' dietary and wellness regimen has helped many thousands of women conceive...I hear over and over that Saratoga Supplements assisted them...I have never found a company as reasonably priced and helpful," noted the highly regarded authority.

For additional information about OPCs, Saratoga Supplement's products (including ISO-OPC Solution as well its new carrot-powder ISO-Synergy multivitamins and pet products), and testimonials from Dr. Lewis and others regarding their effectiveness, you may visit http://www.saratoga-supplements.com.

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