Indie Horror Producers Savage Dog Films Begins Production on 'Mania'

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With the current popularity of the upcoming gothic horror film 'Rip Cage', independent horror producers Savage Dog Films have begun production on their latest project, 'Mania'

Continuing in the tradition of producing dark and provocative horror, independent horror producers Savage Dog Films have begun production on their latest contribution to a list of anticipated films. “The cgi horror flick ‘Rip Cage’ has been stirring up quite some interest and we hope to do the same with this one too” says Michael Lee, CEO of Savage Dog Film and Digitals.

Dustin Johnson, who is in charge of Savage Dog Productions continues: “It was a project that literally came out of nowhere. Going through a bunch of pictures with Vanessa Mason, Lennie Overgaard immediately saw that a pretty cool story could be put together based loosely on them.” That is how ‘Mania’ was born. The film is about two very intelligent, but very unbalanced addicts, just graduated from high school and lost in a world of drugs, who decide to find a past time to occupy their minds and fill their directionless days.

Researching paranormal events piques their interest and their research leads them to a haunted and now abandoned hospital in their area. For the hell of it, they decide to post their findings on the Internet. Unexpectedly, their article gets bought by a major magazine, earning them a big pay check, a grant, and keys to the hospital to continue their research. They take the money and do what any other stoner teenager in their position would do: they throw a party.

Many miscellaneous drugs and several hits of acid later, all of their hauntings begin to turn to stark reality, and a terrible host of inner demons comes to life. In the dark hallways of the abandoned hospital, they prove that compared to anything paranormal, human nature is darker by far.

‘Mania’ is written and directed by Savage Dog Films freelancer,Vanessa Mason and produced under the supervision of executive producer/visual effects supervisor Lennie Overgaard, who will also edit the film. “In terms of digital visual effects it’s going to be a lot easier than what ‘Rip Cage’ requires. Most of it will be shot in camera” says Lennie Overgaard. He continues: “What intrigues me about the story is that it’s not another teen slasher film, but really a psychological horror film at its best.”

“The goal of Savage Dog Films is to provide the horror scene with new and exciting projects. We try to put as much new stuff out there as we possibly can. ‘Mania’ could very well be our most disturbing film to date”, Michael Lee explains. “It’s important that this one really makes you cringe”.

‘Mania’ will begin principal photography in January 2005.


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