Friesian Horse for Sale: All Friesian Horses ‘Interviewed' Before they are Offered for Sale

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Friesian horse lovers don’t have to buy their first or next Friesian horse in the blind. A California horseman will pair you with one that best befits your riding skills and temperament. No Friesian horse is added to the farm’s stable without a thorough, first hand inspection and evaluation in Holland. Dutch Horsefriend’s stable is limited to Friesian horses and nothing but Friesian horses.

When it comes to the purchase of a Friesian horse, the last thing a buyer wants to encounter is disappointment - disappointment that the horse is not as well trained as was promised or, worse yet, the disappointment that comes from the discovery that a horse is unmanageable. This is why Pieter Franken, the owner of Dutch Horsefriend in Solvang, California, flys to the Netherlands to personally "interview" each and every prospective addition to the stock of Friesian horses he sells to casual riders and show horse competitors.

Franken’s "interviews" are extensive and on-site. "I do not buy, let alone sell, any Friesian horse in the blind. I fly to Holland to ride them, to get a feeling how they react and behave both in the stable and under saddle," Pieter says. "This way I can ensure that my clients won’t be disappointed. In fact, I’m proud to say that I have yet to sell a Friesian horse that my buyer wasn’t completely satisfied with.”

According to Pieter, Friesian horses have personalities and intelligent quotients just like people and it takes time to observe a horse’s behavior during the handling and training process. “Friesian horses are well known for their noble characters and most exhibit intelligence, spirit and playfulness - excellent qualities, but some can be overly temperamental,” he says “and that’s why I get directly involved.”

Pieter’s credentials as a horseman are impressive. He was trained at an early age by Luit Dubbeldam, the father of Jeroen Dubbeldam, an Olympic Gold Medeal winner in Athens, Greece. He has trained extensively with top dressage riders in Holland and spent 10 years as a farrier/horse shower under the tutelage of Aart Bloem, who is currently an instructor at the highest ranking Farrier school in Holland. In addition he continues to work closely with Renee en Marian van Dijk and Mandy Slagt, first evaluating and then breaking in new Friesian show horses in harness as well as dressage.

Dutch Horsefriend works with only two Friesian stud farms both of which are located in The Netherlands. Having dedicated and trusted relationships with them, his clients always have 60 to 70 Friesians horses to choose from. They come in both genders, all age groups, and varying levels of training so they can be appropriately paired with the owner’s riding/driving skills and preferences.

While Pieter frequently is usually tasked to handle the selection process on his own, occasionally buyers want to get directly involved in the selection process so Pieter routinely makes arrangements for their travel and accommodations.

For those unfamiliar with the breed, one of the outstanding characteristics of the Friesian horse, in addition to its intelligence, is its very long mane and tail. These are never cut and can occasionally almost reach to the ground.

Pure bred Friesians horses are always black, the only permissible exception being a white star on the forehead. They have a finely chiseled, longish head with small ears and a shapely neck, with an exceptionally long mane.

The back is strong and the ribs deep. Their hindquarters are well-rounded. The tail, which, like the mane, carries much hair, is set low. The legs have good bone structure and are heavily covered with feathers , sometimes up to the knee joint. The head of the Friesian is carried quite high and the face is expressive. The neck is carried vertically and is low-set. The legs and quarters are muscular yet smooth. It stands at 15.1 to 16.3 hands and has an excellent disposition.

To actually see a Friesian horse in action, just click on the attached file located in the column to the right. This is a brief clip of Arjan prancing in the show ring at the farm. He is a pure bred that was recently sold.

Individuals interested in purchasing a Friesian are encouraged to contact Pieter personally. He can be reached in Solvang at (805) 688-2826, on his cellular phone at (714) 914-5887 or emailed using the hyperlink appearing in the right hand column. He can also be reached via

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